When life hands you lemons….just suck em and laugh!

This past weekend brought Tristan, Matt and I up to Bala Ontario for a Roots Wakeboard contest at What Wake Park.
On the way up we were so stoked to be heading up north to breath in that fresh air, dive into that clean water, have a camp fire and watch some wakeboarding!

After an almost 4 hour drive we found what was called a campground……which actually was an over crowded trailer park.  We had made a reservation and the folks who owned it were expecting us but decided to give our campsite away.  So in an attempt to keep us and our cash they set us up on their front lawn.  Kinda weird, no fire pit no picnic table and was on swampy wet ground.  Seeing that there wasn’t really any other options we pitched our tent and hit the town for dinner.  After dinner we came back to our “site” and piled all of our gear into the tent.  We were a lil bummed that the site really blew and we weren’t able to have a bonfire but Matt turned our moods around by suggesting that we go for a swim.  I was the first one in , then Tristan, then our dog Nixon, and then Matt took his time…..the water was cold and he may have been concerned about his balls hitting the chilly water and retreating to the inside of his body never to be seen again.  Finally he took the plunge and we were all smiling and laughing and watching little Nixon swim like a champ.

Shortly after our swim we decided it was time to get cuddly and warm up under the blankets.  Within minutes Tristan and I could hear Matt’s weird breathing thing that he does when he sleeps.  Just as I was about to fall asleep the sound of pellets hitting the tent started…..then the tent lit up with a flash of lightening followed by a big bang of rolling thunder……the rain came down like knives hitting the tent slicing through that thin layer of material that separated us from nature.  Our tent was leaking like the Titanic before it sank.  There we sat in the corner of our tent at 11pm deciding if we go down with the ship or ditch it and make a run for the car.  We ditched it and ran with our blankets, clothes, pillows and the dog to the lil VW.  We all sat in the car watching the storm happy that we had a dry place to sleep.  Funny how we really weren’t that bothered by any of what had happened….the shitty site, the leaking tent and 3 of us and a dog sleeping in a small car.  We laughed it off thinking it could be worse then fell asleep.

Tristan woke up with a sore neck but said that he had a pretty good sleep and was stoked and ready to wakeboard.  Tristan had a pretty flawless run, the type of run that no matter how he placed he would have been happy with his run….the type of run that when he was done you could see nothing but shear joy all over his face. He ended up taking first place and winning a new Sandbox Helmet.  He wore that helmet all the way to webbers, wore it while he ate his veggie burger, and for the 3 hour drive home and kept asking us from hwy 401 to the 427 to the QEW if he was dreaming this whole time…..did he really win that helmet?????  He was so happy and we were so proud!

Sometimes that best memories come from the most unlikely situations!


Sucking Lemons