The Awesomeness Of Girls

First off let me start by saying that I LOVE being a GIRL!
I dislike when people say you throw “like a girl”….what does that even mean?……or shes not bad “for a girl”
All of us girls from time to time forget how awesome we really are.  How capable we are.

This past Friday I hung out with the best group of girls I have ever had the opportunity to hang out with.  Fearless Female Fridays hosted by Amanda Newhouse has such a great vibe.  While I was new to the group I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  What I got into was an awesome group of girls who kick ass at wakeboarding.  A group of girls that supported each other, that encouraged each other, that cheered for one another and that made everyone feel welcome.   This was my 2nd time trying wakeboarding and I have to say I am hooked.  If my body would let me I would go more often.

After having kids I of course put my family’s needs ahead of my own… most women do!  I stopped setting time aside for myself and slowly started losing pieces of myself without ever really noticing.  If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn’t change a thing!  No one asked me to stop caring about myself I just slowly did all on my own.  What wakeboarding has done for me in the two times I have gone out is helped me to find my way back to who I am.  I am so ready for this…….my kids are getting older and I have such an amazing supportive husband and I am in a perfect place to start putting my needs as a priority.  If that cable park existed when I was a teenager I would never have hesitated and my body would have been way more co-operative.  Over the years I have gained a gross amount of weight and I have let that weight gain stop me from doing to many things and that ended with wakeboarding.  I no longer care if I am the biggest, cause I wont be the biggest for ever if I just keeping trying to be active, and I am tired of watching from the sidelines while everyone else has fun.  I was my own worst enemy!

So last Friday I really had no problem getting up on the wakeboard, my corners are getting so much better that I am actually making a few of them and I did a sitting dock start for the first time.  I felt like I was the shit!  The Fearless Female girls cheering and making me feel included didn’t hurt either.  All the girls are at different levels and some would think that would make for a competitive environment but they would be wrong I think that is what actually bonds these girls together…..even though they may only see each other once a week.

After we all had a run on the cable at Boarder Pass we headed to Don Cherry’s for a beer, some food, and lots of chit chat!  I think these girls are so amazing, they are all stronger then they realize, they are tuff as nails and they have inspired me!

Girls Rule The World we just sometimes forget it!


Fearless Females Photo borrowed from Fearless Female’s FB page.  Click the photo to visit their FB page!

When life hands you lemons….just suck em and laugh!

This past weekend brought Tristan, Matt and I up to Bala Ontario for a Roots Wakeboard contest at What Wake Park.
On the way up we were so stoked to be heading up north to breath in that fresh air, dive into that clean water, have a camp fire and watch some wakeboarding!

After an almost 4 hour drive we found what was called a campground……which actually was an over crowded trailer park.  We had made a reservation and the folks who owned it were expecting us but decided to give our campsite away.  So in an attempt to keep us and our cash they set us up on their front lawn.  Kinda weird, no fire pit no picnic table and was on swampy wet ground.  Seeing that there wasn’t really any other options we pitched our tent and hit the town for dinner.  After dinner we came back to our “site” and piled all of our gear into the tent.  We were a lil bummed that the site really blew and we weren’t able to have a bonfire but Matt turned our moods around by suggesting that we go for a swim.  I was the first one in , then Tristan, then our dog Nixon, and then Matt took his time…..the water was cold and he may have been concerned about his balls hitting the chilly water and retreating to the inside of his body never to be seen again.  Finally he took the plunge and we were all smiling and laughing and watching little Nixon swim like a champ.

Shortly after our swim we decided it was time to get cuddly and warm up under the blankets.  Within minutes Tristan and I could hear Matt’s weird breathing thing that he does when he sleeps.  Just as I was about to fall asleep the sound of pellets hitting the tent started…..then the tent lit up with a flash of lightening followed by a big bang of rolling thunder……the rain came down like knives hitting the tent slicing through that thin layer of material that separated us from nature.  Our tent was leaking like the Titanic before it sank.  There we sat in the corner of our tent at 11pm deciding if we go down with the ship or ditch it and make a run for the car.  We ditched it and ran with our blankets, clothes, pillows and the dog to the lil VW.  We all sat in the car watching the storm happy that we had a dry place to sleep.  Funny how we really weren’t that bothered by any of what had happened….the shitty site, the leaking tent and 3 of us and a dog sleeping in a small car.  We laughed it off thinking it could be worse then fell asleep.

Tristan woke up with a sore neck but said that he had a pretty good sleep and was stoked and ready to wakeboard.  Tristan had a pretty flawless run, the type of run that no matter how he placed he would have been happy with his run….the type of run that when he was done you could see nothing but shear joy all over his face. He ended up taking first place and winning a new Sandbox Helmet.  He wore that helmet all the way to webbers, wore it while he ate his veggie burger, and for the 3 hour drive home and kept asking us from hwy 401 to the 427 to the QEW if he was dreaming this whole time…..did he really win that helmet?????  He was so happy and we were so proud!

Sometimes that best memories come from the most unlikely situations!


Sucking Lemons

Sometimes its just not your day.

The weekend that just past brought to Mount Albert for the Roots Wakeboard comp at the Rial Yard.
First off that park was really nice and located in the perfect place.  Super easy to find as I think I saw about 12 signs on the way to the park directing us where to go.
The night before the competition we camped at a beautiful provincial park and woke up to pouring rain and the tent leaking.  Somehow the rain could dampen our spirits.  We were just so excited to be camping out we didn’t care.  the only thing were missing was our Bean as she had to work.

After packing up the tent in our bathing suits we found a coffee time and had some breakfast.

Tristan had a great warm run before the competition started actually a damn near perfect run.  When it was his turn to do his run….well he just wasn’t able to pull it together.  Excuses aside such has the pouring rain and wind it just wasn’t his day.  To be 100% honest this sort of thing has never happened to him before.  I’ve never seen him so disappointed in himself.  My heart broke for him.  Then I tried to get him to snap out of it right away which was a huge mistake.  He needed time to think about what had happened and realize its not the end of the world on his own.  He ended up finishing in 2nd place that he still believes was a gift that he didn’t deserve, but what he did end up wining was such a great experience.  Sometimes things just don’t go your way and you have to learn to deal with it.  That feeling of being disappointed in yourself isn’t really a bad thing if you choose to grow and learn from it….rise up from it!

My job wasn’t to make it better for him what was to let him know that we are proud of him no matter what.  I think he got that but just wasn’t able to see it right away.
I love that kid so much!


Roots Wakeboarding

Roots Wakeboarding


Tripple Crown

Bonjour peeps!

Wow this weekend was full of Sunshine and sunburns.
Saturday turned out to be the best day that I have ever asked to have off.
Tristan, Matt and I woke up bright and early to head to Boarder Pass the Binbrook location for stop one of three for the Triple Crown Wakeboard competition.
Tristan killed it and won his division.  Best of all he learned a new trick while riding in the comp.  So proud of him!  He won some pretty cool stuff from Rock Star Energy Drinks and Fox.  He was on cloud 9.  Durring the contest the announcer mentioned that Tristan always has a smile on his face and he was 100% right my kid is one of the kindest and happiest kid/person I know.

I haven’t mentioned anything about this “thing” yet but feel as though now is a good time to do so.  This boy in Tristan’s class has had a history of hitting kids in his class….hitting, punching, kicking….the list goes on!  I’ve taught Tristan that there is never a good reason to hit anyone and he should never do it.  This kid just doesn’t quit.  The school doesn’t seem to do anything about it….at least that’s how the kids see it, as well as most of the parents that have kids that have been hit by the kid.  At one point I thought this kid was trying to make a change and asked Tristan to consider giving him a 2nd…3rd chance.  A few days after saying this Tristan comes home and tells me this kid had kicked and elbowed him in the face after playing soccer.  I asked Tristan if he wanted me to say anything to the school he said no because he gets in just as much trouble as the kid who did the hitting…..which isn’t much.  Also school only had a week left so really what were they going to do?

Long story short I have had enough of this kid.  He puts on a great show in front of adults then turns to violence when dealing with his peers.  This kid was also at the wakeboard competition.  Tristan was polite but kept his distance and hung with his friends.  I on the other hand and am not sure what to do.  His mother acts as if her kid has never laid a hand on mine suggesting that we should have carpooled to the event.  Maybe she really is clueless……or maybe she just chooses to keep her head in the sand.  Either way clueless or head in the sand both suck and I can’t seem to ware even my fake smile around her anymore.

Enough time wasted on negative people and negative thoughts.

On our way home from the competition we checked out an abandoned house and took some photos.  We were totally zonked by the time we made it home.
Sunday was a day out on the sailboat with Matt and my dad.  I spent most of my time in the water trying to keep cool.  The lake has never felt so good.  After sailing Matt I went to Canadian Tire to buy some fans for our bedroom and kids rooms…thank goodness they had a few in the back cause the shelves were bare and were crazy hot.  We also picked up a baby pool to cool off in.  Tristan and Taya both love it.  All in all a pretty great weekend!


One more sleep till Canada Day 2 more sleeps till my Birthday!!!!


That smile makes day

That smile makes day