So My Husband Is Kinda AWESOME

For real I have the most awesome husband in the world.
Not sure if you remember me mentioning that we have a sailboat…..a sailboat that Matt doesn’t exactly love.  Matt being the super awesome guy that he is knows how much I love that boat, decided to take care of one of they most annoying jobs to get the boat ready for the water.  He painted the bottom of the hull.  I came home from work to have lunch with him and this is what I came home to.

Most awesomeness Husband!

Matt is my perfect match.  He’s my best friend, my coach, my cheerleader, my own personal comedian, my GPS, the finder of my cell phone that seems to have legs of its own, my pillow at night, and he is the father of my 2 amazing kids.  Without boring you any further he is my everything.  Not every relationship is perfect.  We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but through it all we always had trust, love, passion and strength to get us through.  If you have those 4 ingredients in your relationship then you are no doubt in a pretty great relationship with a pretty awesome partner!

Have a good night everyone, and smile you survived yet another Monday!