Our Life is about to change

Summer couldn’t have come any sooner for this girl.  I’m a water through and through and not much can keep me out of the water.  Thankfully I have a husband that doesn’t mind sand all over the car, on the bottom of bags, clinging to towels, in the bathtub, and sometimes even in our bed.

As much as I love summer and everything that comes with it…..fresh fruit and veggies, longer days, living in bathing suits, bonfires, camping, bbq’s, wakeboarding, and feeling the fresh air on your skin, this summer has been a count down of sorts.  Taya our beautiful and very smart daughter will be heading off to Guelph University.  Every week that goes by I can’t help but think how many more weeks we have left until she moves into her dorm.  Its always there in the back of my mind.  In some ways I wish the day would just come.  This count down thing is like taking a band aide off slowly.  On the other hand I wonder where the hell the time went.  The days where my Taya bean needed me to read her a story before bed, to walk her down the street to school, to hold her hand, to teach her not to talk to strangers, the endless cuddles, the face masks, the ice cream after a break up, the rides to the movies,  to her driving to the movies with her friends in the back seat, to picking out a prom dress, buying her a grad present.  It all goes by in a blink.  I wonder if I told that I loved her enough.  Did I teach her to lead and not follow?  Does she truly know that her dad and I only want her to be happy?  Cause time seems likes its running out.  Well if she starts her university career off by picking up her towel off of the bath room floor she will be off to a good start….hahaha!

With Taya on the her way to university and Matt turning 40 just a few days ago I began to think about how much all of our lives are about to change.  Tristan wont have his sister around to bug and blame things on.  I’ll have one less mouth to feed and a few less towels to pick up.  Tristan will be in grade 8 and is starting to push away and gravitates towards his friends, leaving me with too much time on my hands!  Thank god for those adult colouring books.  Our large house seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  I don’t like that and either does my Matt.

So Matt and I have this dream.  Having kids so young will give us the privilege  of be young empty nesters.  We gave up our youth and have dedicated our lives to being parents for the past 18 years.  Which have been awesome and of course it goes without saying that the kids are our earth and we are the sun and moon rotating around them and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.  However we are thinking that it might be ok to be a lil selfish for a few years.  The dream will start in about 5-6 years…..which will fly by.  We will sell our house and just about everything we own to live in our Boler trailer for as long as possible….well until the money runs out.  Since Matt knows just how much I love the water he thought we should just follow the water/coast and see where it takes us.  Not much of a plan but thats what makes it so incredible.  We just sold our boat and our VW and bought a 1970’s Boler that we are restoring.  So we are starting to make steps, little one but steps none the less.

I’m actually excited to be growing old.  I’m 37  and married to an amazing 40 year old man who loves me.  Who wouldn’t want to grow old when you have someone to grow old with!


Our Lil Nest Egg

Our Lil Nest Egg

Its all Happening!!!!

This week is just going to kick ass!  It started off with me scoring 98% on a test I had to write for work.  Total weight off of my shoulders.  Tomorrow Matt and I are going to see Belle and Sebastian at Massey Hall.  I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for Matt.  It seemed to take forever for the day to come but it finally has.
If a concert wasn’t enough its also a short work week thanks to Easter….oh yeah and the weekend is going to be filled with good food, chocolate, friends and family!  EEEeeee!  I’m so excited!
I’m also grateful for all this fun, it helps the time pass….cause OMG….I can’t even type the words without freaking out!  My BFF and I are getting out of the poop weather here in Ontario and heading out for a week of Sun, fun, Sand, Relaxing, Bonding, and Reading in the Dominican!
This girl has been my best friend since high school.  Unfortunately she is a 5 hour drive away from me, so this trip really means the world to me!  Its an entire week of hanging with my girl, with no worries about what to make for dinner, alarm clocks, and appointments.  Its a week just for us!  I honestly have the best family for being supportive and encouraging me to go.  Matt’s doing something for me that I’m not sure that I could do in return.  I’m so in love with this guy its crazy!  Its going to be hard to be away from him for a week.  He really has no idea the extent to what he has given me.   The best part of being a part is coming together again.  Just as much as I am looking forward to my trip, I am looking forward to coming home to Matt and the Kids!

Happy Easter to everyone!
Enjoy your families and the long weekend!


I'm one lucky girl!

I’m one lucky girl!