The Drums….They Played……I Died!

Before you get totally engulfed in what will be an awesome blog post go to iTunes and download anything from “The Drums”.  Once you have done so you can continue to reading while enjoying their music.

Thursday that just passed was the night that Taya, Tristan, Matthew and I headed down to Toronto.  First stop was The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  We all filled up on bread, pasta and salad before we made our way to a show that we couldn’t wait to go see!  “The Drums”  The freaking Drums!!!!  These guys from Brooklyn, NY have been in my shower…at the gym with me…in my car…chilling me out…changing my mood…in my head…on my phone…on my computer…out on our lil’ sailboat…and just about everywhere we go!

To put things into a little more perspective, I need to explain that the show was moved to a different venue than where it was originally.  The show was all ages so we were stoked that the kids could come with us.  The venue was called Adelaide Hall.  Smallish venue with two floors.  The top floor is where the minors…parents of minors…and boyfriends/girlfriends or minors were banished to.  We did have a great view of the stage as the top floor had the middle cut out of it with a railing around the cut out to watch the show.  However, the vibe of the show we thought would be lost as we stood there waiting for the music to start.  We wanted to be in the crowd and dance and sing, so we were a little bummed.

Once The Drums came out and took the stage it no longer mattered where we were standing.  Jonny Pierces’ voice consumed me.  His fluid movements had me in a trance.  At one point he mentioned something about not having the greatest of days that day….you couldn’t tell by the show he was putting on.  After he said that I kinda drifted away just for a moment and realized that this guy whom writes songs that bring a smile to my face, that get my feet moving, and make my drive to anywhere so much better is human and has bad days just like anyone else.  I wondered if he actually realized what his music does for people?  As I said above, The Drums go everywhere I go.  Music invokes thought, inspires, and so much more and the people that are gifted enough to have this power may sometimes forgot what they are actually giving to people.  They are giving us everything.

When I wasn’t singing along or just in sheer awe I took some time to look out in the crowd.  Being one of the oldest at the show I couldn’t help but notice that cell phones and cameras have totally changed how kids behave at a show/concert.  98% of the show I spent actually listening, actively watching, singing and dancing.  The other 2% of the time I noticed kids taking crazy amounts of selfies, texting,  filming and taking photos.  It seemed to me as though they were so worried about telling the digital world where they were and what they were doing that they missed out on so much of the actual experience.  They couldn’t just be.  Just enjoy!  After witnessing this I thought about how difficult it must be to put on a show in front of a group of people taking photos of themselves.  I have a new respect for musicians.   “The Drums”  took it in stride and played what I consider to be the best show that I have ever attended…..and I have been to lots!

I had made a deal with Tristan that if he was able to meet Jonny and have a photo taken with him that he wouldn’t have to go to school the next day.  We waited in a alley behind the venue for about an hour and half and then Jonny came through the back door.  Even though we only spoke to him for 2 min I couldn’t help but feel that he had a kind heart.  I’m not sure why I felt that, but I did.  Tristan, Taya and I took our photos with him and I thanked him for putting on the best show that I have attended and hugged him goodbye.  When he said “Thank You”, I think he meant it.


Jonny Pierce

Jonny Pierce