One for the books!

What a perfect day!
For real it was just an amazing day.  The only thing that could have made it even better was if Taya had been with us.  Taya went to Wonderland with her friends today.  Its a little weird when your kid doesn’t need you to take them to an amusement park any more…either cause they can drive themselves or their friends can do the driving.

So our Taya Bean missed out sleeping on the boat last night and waking up to this annoying kid acting like a total nut sack on the dock at 6:30am.  We actually thought it was kinda funny and ended up falling back to sleep.  Got up did some running around and filled our cooler with goodies for the day!

Tristan got two runs in wakeboarding at Boarder Pass before the Chubby Bean set sail.  The lake was almost flat which is rare for Lake Erie, a nice mellow breeze that was perfect for our first time out.  Usually we get a little stressed the first few time out but not today!  My Dad and his friend couldn’t resist the call of the lake either.  They were on a 34+ C and C and even with very little wind the flew by us.  We ate our lunch and when we decided to head back to the dock the wind decided to die.  We took it as a sign to go jump in the lake.  Tristan, Matt and I cooled off and tried to push the boat since the wind refused to cooperate with us.  Haha if anyone noticed what we were doing I’m sure they had a good laugh.

Pulled into the dock a little to fast but Matt saved the bow from hitting the dock.  Docking is an art form I am still trying to master!  Once landed Tristan went back to Boarder Pass for another run.  A run that kicked some ass.  His confidence is growing every day!  After his run we ate dinner, did some “Mad Libs” (remember those?) and chilled.

Such a perfect day!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Aboard The Chubby Bean

Aboard The Chubby Bean


Woot Woo! I did on my own!!!!

Bojour my lil Luv Bugs!
Tonight I am so excited to tell you guys about something that makes me smile from ear to ear!

As I had told ya about 2 weeks ago, we puy our sail boat in the water.  Normally I don’t like to go out on the boat without doing a practice run with my Dad first, but I couldn’t take sitting on the dock for another day.  So I just said fuck it!!!!  Before I knew it I had let the lines off and was heading out into the lake all on my own.  It is much safer to have more then one person on the boat however I thought women have sailed across the world on their own so I could totally do this!

I didn’t even sail….I just motered out and threw the anchor out.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more cleansing then sitting on the boat with a good book a glass of cold lemonade, and the silence.  It was awesome.  I took a quick dip in the lake but didn’t stay in very long, its still a little chilly.  After I dried off I sent Matt a text to let him at working letting him know where I was just in case I ran into any problems.  20 min had past and Matt sent a text expressing his shock that I had gone out alone, then his next text was to warn me that there were tornado warnings.  After the last text I looked at the sky and it looked ok, I checked the VHS radio for the weather and didn’t hear any warnings but in the end decided it was best to head in.

I made back to the dock to find my mom waiting to catch my lines which totally made my first time ever docking the boat much easier!

I felt like the king of the world when I landed the boat into the dock!

Yaaaa Me!!


I wasn't totally alone! I had Dexter to keep me company!

I wasn’t totally alone!
I had Dexter to keep me company!

Managed to fit it all in

Was this not the best weekend we have had so far this spring????
It’s finally T-shirt and Shorts weather!
Even though I spent most of my weekend at work….and so did Matt and Taya, we managed to make it a good one!

Seeing people licking ice cream, riding their bikes, walking dogs, sitting on porches and washing their cars puts me in such a great mood.

Matt and I took our lil VW out for a drive tonight before dinner.  We stopped to pet some beautiful horses and grabbed some stones from the beach.  It only took an hour of us hanging out to make it feel like we had some sort of a weekend together even though we worked most of it!

Had a great dinner with the family.  Ate some veggies burgers, corn and a salad for dinner and play some football.  Time to chill out with a movie before this weekend comes to an end.


Hope you enjoyed this warm weather!



Here comes the sun!

Feeling Fantastic

Luv Bugs!
Isn’t amazing what a little sun can do!
It give us energy, makes things grow, and not to mention usually helps boost our moods.

Matt and I had a chill day.  Went out for breakfast, then out to a green house to buy plants for our veggie garden.  We spent some time driving around and talking…..the radio in our old VW doesn’t work so we try to fill the music void with chit chat, which is pretty great!

While driving around I thought that I might start on a new photography adventure.  I wanna shoot from a moving car, catch people being at minimum 90% natural.  I gave it a little try today and really liked it.  Not too easy shooting from a car on bumpy roads, but was lots of fun.

Can’t wait to get our veggies in the ground.  If anyone in the Niagara area is looking for a good green house to buy from Try out The Mill….not sure if its in Gasline or Port Colborne but its pretty big and has a really super staff.

Get outside today and enjoy the sun!