For Sail?

Once again it has been way to long since I last posted anything.  I hate winter!  What can I say.  Motivation when its cold and dark more than not just doesn’t exist.  My windows are now open, the birds and bees are doing their thing and my baby girl is just weeks from graduating high school.  I am now awake!

Spring not only brings warmer air, and BBQ’s out of the garage but it also breeds new life.  Flowers begin to bloom, the dead lawn starts to show signs of life and tadpoles start turning into frogs.  Well this girl is ready for new things.  I think????

I’ve decided to let go of a few things that I totally love.  For starters my husband and I are selling our old VW Cabriolet convertible.  I didn’t realize how greedy I could actually be.  I’m actually disgusted to say that I drove off two buyers for the car.  I couldn’t figure out why I was doing this.  Didn’t I want to sell it???  Yes, yes I did.  Just didn’t want anyone else to have it.  See I’m gross!  When did I ever start thinking this way?  When I actually realized just how crazy I was acting most potential buyers found other cars and I had a hard time looking into the mirror.  Who had I become….. a person that didn’t want others to have what I had.  Eww just gross.  So I’m over that now having given my head a good shake!  With a somewhat clear head I announced to my husband Matt that I want to sell my boat.  I have to explain that while Matt and I share everything, we do not share the love I have for the water and sailing.  That being said the boat is mine but ours….you know what I mean?

Matt was totally shocked that I was going to sell the boat.  It’s time for new adventures that both Matt and I can enjoy together along with the kids.  The boat feels way different than the car.  It defines a part of who I am….or so I think/thought?  Living pretty much pay cheque to pay cheque I never thought that we could own a boat.  I have always felt so lucky for having it.  Sitting on the boat in the middle of the lake just melts all cares away.  Its a place where my anxiety doesn’t have a home.  While I’m out there I can breath and I mean really breath.  I love it all.  The fresh air, the sails flapping, the feel of the tiller in my hand and the ever so quite hum the boats makes when the boat and I find our groove in the wind.  So I asked my self can a possession actually define who you are.  Well the answer was no.  So I am trying to find my most favorite possession a new home where it will give someone else the pure joy it gave me for the past 8 years.

Its funny I’m turning 37 this year and I’m still figuring out who I am and what kind of person I want to be.

Have a great day lil love bugs!



Living in the sun and water!

Living in the sun and water!

Where the wind blows is where you’ll find us!!!!!

I’m long over due to write a post.  When summer comes to end I get this weird feeling like I am totally lost.  The sailboat is out of the water, wakeboarding is coming to an end, and my shorts have been put away.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving with our family.  Matt and I hosted this years meal and while I totally love having our house filled with family I can’t seem to let go of summer.  I’ve actually started worrying about what to write on my blog during the winter…..I don’t embrace winter in the same way that I do summer….so I’m worried that I wont have anything to say.  However all this over thinking reminded of of the last time Matt and I took out the Chubby Bean for a sail before taking it out for the season.

Matt and I packed up a picnic and headed down to the Marina.  The wind was pretty strong and Matt’s not much of a sailor but he tries because he loves me.  We got the sails all ready started the motor and let the dock lines go and we slipped out of the dock.  As we were passing by the mill and heading out to the lighthouse I decided that it was too windy for us to have a relaxed sail.  So we decided to set our anchor and have our picnic on the inside of the break wall where we were more protected and could enjoy our lunch.  Matt set the anchor……only it didn’t set.  He tried to set it again…only it didn’t set.  I tried to start motor…only it wouldn’t start.  Matt and I switched places, I pulled up the anchor and found that it was covered in seaweeds no way would it ever catch like that.  Matt kept trying the motor but it just wouldn’t go.  As I mentioned it was pretty windy.  Before we knew it we were drifting into the shipping lanes of the canal.  Not to sound dramatic but if we didn’t do something quickly we would be blown into the rocks lining the canal entrance.  I decided it was time to give up on the motor.  We had drifted to an area that was to deep for our anchor to reach.  At this point Matt is beginning to panic and my heart was starting to pick up the pace as well.  I kept thinking about what station I would need to be on the radio to call for help…how long it would take for help to come….how long it would take for us to bang into the rocks or cross the path of a ship.  Then I looked up and saw a lil fishing boat.  I gave them a quick wave thinking that they may have noticed that we were in trouble.  The man on the fishing boat walked to the bow of his boat and began to pull up his anchor.  This is when Matt got freaked out and yelled “Thats it!!!  He’s going to head in and leave us here! Oh Shit!!!”

Well Matt was wrong the fishing boat came to our rescue and towed us to safety…..which happened to be the docks along the canal on West Street.  In return for their help we handed over our chocolate chip cookies from our picnic and they head back out to catch some fish.  This man and his grandson helped us no questions asked and with a smile on their faces.  They didn’t ask for anything in return and they will probably never fully understand how grateful we were that they were there to help.

During the craziness I couldn’t help but think that this nice day we had planned was quickly turning to shit, that Matt who isn’t a big fan of the boat may never want to step foot on it again.  However after our rescuers left us at the public docks Matt and I pulled out our picnic.  We sat on the boat sipping our lemonade and munching on veggies and biting into our sandwiches while watching ships crawl under the bridges and slip silently through the canal.  My mom ended up seeing us parked at the dock and joined us for lunch.  This day That I thought was going to be awesome then thought was turning to shit actually turned out to be awesome.  I’ve always known that whatever the world throws at Matt and I we will be fine.  After we ate our lunch and said goodbye to my Mom we tried the motor and it started.  Matt and I headed back to the Marina with full bellies and a huge smiles on our faces.  We passed the mill waving at the guys working and feeling very small next to the huge building all while laughing at the adventure we just had aboard the Chubby Bean!

No Matter where the wind may take us, we are just going to go with it.  We have each other and really what more than that do we need?



Lemons to Lemonade

Lemons to Lemonade



Road Trip’n

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Sometimes you just have to say screw it and hit the open road.
That is exactly what I did last week.  Having 4 days off in a row I decided to go visit my best friend in Ottawa.  The 6 hour drive prevents us from visiting more often.  However we are such good friends that not seeing each other really doesn’t have a negative affect on us.  Of course we both would rather see one another more often but we make the most of we have.

If seeing my BFF wasn’t going to be awesome enough….Taya was able to take 4 days off of work to join me!  This totally meant the world to me.  She is 17 years old trying to make money and balance friends over the summer.  Taya chose to be with me.  It warmed my heart so much knowing that I was about to spend four days with my bean and my bestie!  Now I shouldn’t leave Tristan out……but Tristan tagging along is quite normal as he is 12 and most of the time has no choice.

So we packed up the Honda Fit on Sunday afternoon and started our trip to Ottawa.  Believe it or not the six hour drive was incredibly smooth.  We stopped for some apple pie at the big apple along the highway.  That place was a total zoo and even though she enjoyed the pie Taya vowed never to go there again.  Too many buses with too many tourists.  Taya and I chatted for most of the drive while Tristan tuned us out with his iPhone.

We arrived to my friends house later then we had hoped but were received with big warm hugs!

The next morning we hit down town Ottawa saw the parliament buildings, and went to the market.  The market was huge and the prices were great with miles of fresh fruit and veggies mixed with some great artisans.  I couldn’t believe the market there is daily.  Man I wish we had that, I would probably go at least 3 times a week.  After shopping and a great homemade dinner from our visit to the market we hit the sack.  Day two we went to a more high end of town, which had some great shopping and a hole lot of character.  Dinner this time was the kids idea to make fancy grilled cheeses…mmmmm mmmm were they ever yummy!!!!

The BFF and I could talk for hours and our age is starting to show as our conversations tend to slow down around 11:30pm.  However I think we managed to fit all the important stuff in.  I love this woman to the sky and back or possibly more than that.  I know for a fact she doesn’t see how strong and beautiful she, and no matter what shit the world decides to pile on top of her nothing can keep this amazing person down.  She inspires me to my core!

Tristan had a farting problem the entire time we were there!  He just couldn’t seem to stop.  The more he laughed the more he farted.  We finally had to have him go to the screen door to fart out of to prevent the house from exploding from so much gas be expelled from his tiny butt.  I started to feel bad for our hosts.  We took over their house and made it smell.  They did manage to get us back before we left.  My friends husband/partner wrote all over our car windows slang about farts and something about our car being a fart mobile.

Even though the kids and I were having a great time I couldn’t stop thinking of my husband.  We do everything together all of the time, so when we are apart at all…well it feels like we are missing a limb.  4 days was a long time for us to be apart.  Normally I would agree with the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder but I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more fond of my husband.  He gave me everything in this world that makes me happy.  I guess I should give my parents some credit in the happiness department as well!!!  They gave me lots to be grateful for as well but you get my drift!

Hopefully there will be more road trips!





Kids and balance

With Taya heading into grade 12 time seems to be moving faster than it ever has before.  At a time where I wish it would just slow down.  Between Taya working as a lifeguard, hanging out with her friends, and driving to her BF’s house we hardly see her.  I really notice how little I see her when I go through the photos and she isn’t in them.  It makes me sad but happy at the same time that Matt and I have raised such a great kid who I believe is ready to take on the world.  I hope she knows that even though she is in far less photos then we would like that every time that shutter snaps close we are no doubt thinking about her!  Soon Taya will be learning how to live a balanced life without so much nagging from her parents……I think she is excited to figure it all out.  School, friends, family,and work.  It will be interesting to see how her priorities will change as she continues to grow.

I consider myself lucky to have met the love of my life so early in my life, had Taya while I was young and still get to have Tristan almost 5 years after Taya was born.  The time between the kids is so perfect for us.  Its neat to have him bringing up the rear.

On the weekend I went out sailing with my Dad, Matt and Tristan.  It was perfect weather even though the weather man was calling for crap.  The wind filled our sails nicely and the waves were gentle.  This was the first time that Tristan showed interest in learning to sail.  He took the tiller in his hand, found the wind and sailed us back to the marina with a huge smile on his face.  I always thought that it was such a gift that my Dad knew how to sail and that he was willing to show me and share his knowledge.  I hope that I can do the same for my kids and that they will want to learn.  I’m not sure that I would have ever tried sailing if my dad had never introduced me to it and if my mom had when so willing to give up every weekend to go sailing every summer for as long as I can remember.

What all of this boils down…Taya with her juggling work, friends, BF, and Family, Tristan with family, friends and sports, my parents with an apartment building, kids, grand kids, and friends, Matt and I with work, kids, parents, family and friends its all about balancing sometimes the scales tip too much one way but your family is always there to help get you back on track again.

I love my life!


My Dad and Tristan sailing the Chubby Bean

My Dad and Tristan sailing the Chubby Bean