Run Baby Run!!!!

Today was the first day it actually felt like spring in my little town of Port Colborne.  Today was also Track and Field for my son Tristan, which happens to be his most favorite day of the year.  He killed it….actually all the kids killed it.  I was talking to another parent the other day about track.  His child is over weight and probably not the healthiest kid.  This father actually thought it would be a really great idea if the school board got rid of track because not all kids are fast.  I could not disagree more!  My son gets gym twice a week, thats not enough!  The kids really didn’t get to practice for track at all.  Some who had signed up for triple jump didn’t have a clue how to do it.  What the believe the kids need to more gym!  More activity.  They have reviews/practice for math tests why not for track?  I also think that school should be educating kids on health not just sex ed, but healthy eating and exercise.

The one thing that I noticed today was that every kid out on that field today was a part of something and you could tell it made them all happy in some way.  whether or not they were winning a race or coming in last, jumping the furthest or raking the pit, they were all supporting each other.  Sports and being active just supports this kind of positive behavior.

I had an amazingly balanced day today!
Took the day off work to be at Track and Field, had my mom come so I could spend time with her.
Went out for dinner with Matt and the kids, then took my daughter Taya to the mall.  My Taya really has no clue how awesome she is, I love her so much and we had such a great time!

Hope everyone had a good hump day!