Woot Woo! I did on my own!!!!

Bojour my lil Luv Bugs!
Tonight I am so excited to tell you guys about something that makes me smile from ear to ear!

As I had told ya about 2 weeks ago, we puy our sail boat in the water.  Normally I don’t like to go out on the boat without doing a practice run with my Dad first, but I couldn’t take sitting on the dock for another day.  So I just said fuck it!!!!  Before I knew it I had let the lines off and was heading out into the lake all on my own.  It is much safer to have more then one person on the boat however I thought women have sailed across the world on their own so I could totally do this!

I didn’t even sail….I just motered out and threw the anchor out.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more cleansing then sitting on the boat with a good book a glass of cold lemonade, and the silence.  It was awesome.  I took a quick dip in the lake but didn’t stay in very long, its still a little chilly.  After I dried off I sent Matt a text to let him at working letting him know where I was just in case I ran into any problems.  20 min had past and Matt sent a text expressing his shock that I had gone out alone, then his next text was to warn me that there were tornado warnings.  After the last text I looked at the sky and it looked ok, I checked the VHS radio for the weather and didn’t hear any warnings but in the end decided it was best to head in.

I made back to the dock to find my mom waiting to catch my lines which totally made my first time ever docking the boat much easier!

I felt like the king of the world when I landed the boat into the dock!

Yaaaa Me!!


I wasn't totally alone! I had Dexter to keep me company!

I wasn’t totally alone!
I had Dexter to keep me company!

We Are Go For Launch

On Tuesday we launched our little sailboat.

The Chubby Bean hit the water at 4pm.  Last summer I was working crazy hours and didn’t get the boat in at all.  This summer is all about the boat and spending time with the family.  We all get pulled in 1000 different directions but the boat seems to pull us back together.  The boat is named after our kids nick names that we gave them when they were babies.  The very first summer we had the boat in water and slept on it there was a huge thunderstorm.  We all sat huddled in the boat watching the light show, kinda scared but totally loving it.  I have yet to see a storm worse than that one.  It was the kind of storm where the lightening was almost blinding.  That boat kept us safe and dry.  Its probably the only possession that I have that I truly love….that and my camera!

Lets hope that this summer is full of sunny, windy and calm waters out on Lake Erie.



It Floats!

It Floats!