Summer Reading

I LOVE books!
I Love Magazines!!!

I think it’s safe to say that summer has arrived.  School is almost finished, gardens have been planted, bathing suits have been bought and sunscreen has been applied!
So whats everyone reading?
As much as I love hanging out at Chapters I don’t always love looking for books to read.  I guess some days I am still unsure who I am and what I like……it happens.  To be honest I’m all over the place, I like the classics like The Great Gatsby, The romance stuff like Nora Roberts, some thriller stuff if its not predictable, and lately I have been really digging an author by the name of Jonathan Tropper.  I’m just finishing up his book called “The Book of Joe”.  I’m so glad that a facebook friend of mine was kind enough to suggest that I give Mr Tropper a try! That seems to be how I find my most favorite books and authors…through friends suggestions.

That being said I suggest you give Jonathan Tropper a go.  Far as I now he has two books, “This Is Where I Leave You” and “The Book Of Joe”.

Enjoy your summer reading and if anyone has any book suggestions for me please leave a comment!


Summer Reading