What The Hell is That……..

It wasn’t me who found that lil nasty thing.  Taya found it while sitting beside me on the couch last winter.  I totally didn’t believe her.  Thought she was full of poop, just giving me a hard time.  To be completely honest until today I’m not sure that I really admitted what Taya had seen was for real.  Until today while I was sitting in the car and looked in my review mirror and there it was, only now it had a few buddies!  Can you guess what was staring me right in the face.  Freaking grey hair!!!!

What the hell is with that!  Grey freaking hair.  I’m still young…..only 37!  My mom is in her 60’s and doesn’t have one grey hair on her head.  I have at least 3 that I could count.  No longer can I tell myself that they are just really blond strands of hair.  They are grey!  Grey is such an unhappy colour.  Why couldn’t my hair go red or even white… but grey!  Like grey clouds that no one likes to see!  Yuck!  Those lil buggers can’t be hidden by dye, well maybe temporarily but the are relentless and just creep right back out.  Grey hair tells the world hey look at my I’m getting freaking old.  Trying to die grey hair says I’m not ready to get old just yet.  I’ve decided that getting old is totally inevitable.  So I’m gonna try to embrace my inner granny and not dye my hair.  Really I just fear that adding more chemicals to my hair might give the greys the power they need to take over my entire head.  I’m not having that!!!!


So Taya my daughter is off to university and I’m turning grey.
I laugh as I write this thinking how fun it will be to turn grey while my hubby goes bald, while Tristan grows muscles, and I hope that I am still willing to try new things when I have a full head of grey hair.  Maybe grey hair is strictly for those who have lived a great life doing exciting things and over coming fears.  Maybe those of us who take chances and risks have just scared the colour right out of hair!!!

If thats the case then bring on the grey!



Aging with my peeps!

Aging with my peeps!