Strawberries for miles!


My mom and I couldn’t have picked a better day to go picking!!!
The sun wasn’t to hot and there was such a nice breeze I filled three 7L baskets.  Thank goodness I stopped there.  I have so many strawberries I’m not sure what to do with the all.

So far I have 4 huge ziplock baggies full in the freezer waiting to be turned into smoothies and I have made 9 large jars of jam made.  After all that and eating more than I should have I still have almost a full 7L basket.  I’m gonna be counting on Taya and Tristan to eat lots!  Taya has been working a lot so I’m sure she will be greatful for the easy to grab snack!

After picking and jamming Tristan and I dropped Matt off at work and headed to the skate park.  First we made a stop into Sud Skates to visit the friend and shop owner Andrew.  We have known the kid since Tristan was 5…….which seems like a life time ago.  It was good to visit with him and his girlfriend.  Tristan picked up a cool shirt that he fell in love with.

At the skate park Tristan killed it.  He was trying so many new things and landing them.  I wish he had a better understanding of what he is capable of.  Once he does there will be no stopping him!

On the way home Tristan and I stopped by Davids Tea and grabbed some yummy strawberry parfait ice tea.  We kept holding off on putting the top up on the VW even with the looming grey clouds.  I’m glad we did.  We made it home without getting wet.

Such a wonderful day.  Can’t wait for tomorrow we are off to Binbrook for some wakeboarding at Boarder Pass with Tristan and his best friend Mitch.  I’m super bummed that i wont be able to go to his comp on Sat. but greatful for the time to do get with him!

Open you windows tonight, there is such a nice breeze!
Sleep tight!


What am I going to do with all of these yummy Strawberries?

What am I going to do with all of these yummy Strawberries?

Woot Woo! I did on my own!!!!

Bojour my lil Luv Bugs!
Tonight I am so excited to tell you guys about something that makes me smile from ear to ear!

As I had told ya about 2 weeks ago, we puy our sail boat in the water.  Normally I don’t like to go out on the boat without doing a practice run with my Dad first, but I couldn’t take sitting on the dock for another day.  So I just said fuck it!!!!  Before I knew it I had let the lines off and was heading out into the lake all on my own.  It is much safer to have more then one person on the boat however I thought women have sailed across the world on their own so I could totally do this!

I didn’t even sail….I just motered out and threw the anchor out.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more cleansing then sitting on the boat with a good book a glass of cold lemonade, and the silence.  It was awesome.  I took a quick dip in the lake but didn’t stay in very long, its still a little chilly.  After I dried off I sent Matt a text to let him at working letting him know where I was just in case I ran into any problems.  20 min had past and Matt sent a text expressing his shock that I had gone out alone, then his next text was to warn me that there were tornado warnings.  After the last text I looked at the sky and it looked ok, I checked the VHS radio for the weather and didn’t hear any warnings but in the end decided it was best to head in.

I made back to the dock to find my mom waiting to catch my lines which totally made my first time ever docking the boat much easier!

I felt like the king of the world when I landed the boat into the dock!

Yaaaa Me!!


I wasn't totally alone! I had Dexter to keep me company!

I wasn’t totally alone!
I had Dexter to keep me company!

Whos going to the Market?

Rise and shine luv bugs!
Its Market Day!!!

I love going to the market to buy fresh veggies, flowers, cheese, bread, and these super yummy samosas.
The market is a great place to people watch.  I have yet to see a grumpy person at the market.  Just about everything their is fresh and healthy.  Buying local and buying what is in season so much better then the stuff we import.

Before I say good bye and head off to the market before going to work I have to say that I had such a nice night with my daughter Taya last night.  When I got home from work at 8:15 ish when ran to timmies to grab a coffee then headed down to the marina.  We sat on the boat enjoying the quite sipping our drinks and talking about our day and our plans for the weekend. We were only at the boat for an hour but it was as if time stood still, or like the work day had just vanished like it never existed.  It was an Ahhhhhhhh moment for sure.

Have a great Friday!

Marineland can suck my big fat……….

Luv Bugs!
This weekend was opening day at Marineland.

Fuck Marineland…and you know what fuck anyone who still thinks that its ok to visit such a horrible place.  Wow I feel better just for saying that!
Whales are wild beautiful animals…ones that should be Wild and Free not Wild and in a freaking pool.  How anyone with any sort of a heart or brain could support such a place….well I just don’t understand it.  You wanna go on rides go to Wonderland.  I wish I could have been one of the protesters at the gates today.  So stoked to see that so many people were out protesting today, the world needs more people like all of you in it!

I don’t pretend to be perfect, but common you have to be blind and or stupid to continue to support such a place.  These animals are living in hell and are suffering for the amusement of others and to line a few peoples pockets with cash.  Makes me sick just thinking about it.

If you haven’t watched Blackfish, you should.  This is more about the U.S but it gives you a look into what these innocent animals have to endure, and for what money and entertainment.

Fuck Marineland!