The stars aligned

So my husband thought I was totally fucked up for wanting to spend the day alone at a conservation park.  He thought it was so weird.  Our discussion the night before I had planned to go almost made me change my mind.  I woke up the next day and the sun was shining the air was fresh and clean.  How could I not go???  I totally didn’t see anything weird about spending the day alone being one with nature.  My car was packed with a tent…just in case it rained, a few blankets, some pillows, the pup and some treats and water for him, some wood for a bonfire, a good book, and a lil cooler with a yummy salad and other goodies.  What else could I possibly need??

I needed nothing else.  Nixon my pup and I found the perfect spot.  An area lined with trees for the tent, a beautiful spot in a carved out nook in the woods and a clearing where the fire pit would later beg me to warm up once the sun began to make its decent.

The tent was pitched and the blankets and pillows were laid out.  The picnic table held my book and some art stuff I brought to work on.  Nixon and I took off for a walk to check out our surroundings.  Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe my view.  Being alone heightened my senses.  I could smell the pine trees, hear the wind make its way through the leaves and around the trees.  I could see a blue heron trying to hide among the brush that outlined a pond.  Nixon enjoyed his new found freedom of walking without a leash.  He seemed to walk with pride. Hahaha!!!  Within an hour of my being at the park my face softened, my mind cleared, and my shoulders felt lighter.  I wasn’t concerned with paying bills, dealing with laundry or organizing Thanksgiving dinner.  A smile was on my face the entire time I was there.

I figured that I should share this with the hubs.  He really needed to know why I needed to be there and why I enjoyed it so much.  I sent him off a text asking him to join me and to bring dinner and to try and get our son Tristan to come along.  I couldn’t convince Tristan, but Matt was totally up for it.  After he finished work he grabbed a pizza and joined me for supper.  My salad was yummers for lunch but I was super happy to have pizza for supper.  Before we ate we walked around for a bit and then he had a little nap in the tent while I finished the book I was reading.  When he woke up we sat in the ten looking out the lil door in total awe of our surroundings.  The pizza was gobbled up and we decided to chill in the tent for a while longer.  We couldn’t spend the night because Matt had to be at work the next day so we soaked up as much enjoyment as we could from our slice of heaven.

The sun began to set and we watched the colours of the sun set hit the tress warning us that it would be getting dark soon.  Climbing outta the tent and after packing it up we started building our campfire.  With the sun going down it was getting chilly but Matt knows how to build a good fire!!!   Just before the sun said a final goodbye we saw 2 flocks of geese fly over head.  They all seemed to be talking at once and I asked Matt how they could possibly understanding anything if they were all talking at once.  He seemed to think that they were yelling words of encouragement…like…”we’re almost there”, and “you can make it”.  I loved that idea!!!

When we were surrounded by total darkness we laid down beside the fire and did some star gazing.  I have never felt so lucky in all my life.  The only thing that could have had this time even better would have been to have the kids with us.  I had everything I needed.  Which turns out not to be much.  Fresh air, nature, and a good bonfire all while wrapped in my husbands arms!  Matt now understood why I was drawn to this place.  It was one of the best nights we have ever had together.

Hope everyone makes time to enjoy moments like these as these will be the moments that you’ll remember!





When life hands you lemons….just suck em and laugh!

This past weekend brought Tristan, Matt and I up to Bala Ontario for a Roots Wakeboard contest at What Wake Park.
On the way up we were so stoked to be heading up north to breath in that fresh air, dive into that clean water, have a camp fire and watch some wakeboarding!

After an almost 4 hour drive we found what was called a campground……which actually was an over crowded trailer park.  We had made a reservation and the folks who owned it were expecting us but decided to give our campsite away.  So in an attempt to keep us and our cash they set us up on their front lawn.  Kinda weird, no fire pit no picnic table and was on swampy wet ground.  Seeing that there wasn’t really any other options we pitched our tent and hit the town for dinner.  After dinner we came back to our “site” and piled all of our gear into the tent.  We were a lil bummed that the site really blew and we weren’t able to have a bonfire but Matt turned our moods around by suggesting that we go for a swim.  I was the first one in , then Tristan, then our dog Nixon, and then Matt took his time…..the water was cold and he may have been concerned about his balls hitting the chilly water and retreating to the inside of his body never to be seen again.  Finally he took the plunge and we were all smiling and laughing and watching little Nixon swim like a champ.

Shortly after our swim we decided it was time to get cuddly and warm up under the blankets.  Within minutes Tristan and I could hear Matt’s weird breathing thing that he does when he sleeps.  Just as I was about to fall asleep the sound of pellets hitting the tent started…..then the tent lit up with a flash of lightening followed by a big bang of rolling thunder……the rain came down like knives hitting the tent slicing through that thin layer of material that separated us from nature.  Our tent was leaking like the Titanic before it sank.  There we sat in the corner of our tent at 11pm deciding if we go down with the ship or ditch it and make a run for the car.  We ditched it and ran with our blankets, clothes, pillows and the dog to the lil VW.  We all sat in the car watching the storm happy that we had a dry place to sleep.  Funny how we really weren’t that bothered by any of what had happened….the shitty site, the leaking tent and 3 of us and a dog sleeping in a small car.  We laughed it off thinking it could be worse then fell asleep.

Tristan woke up with a sore neck but said that he had a pretty good sleep and was stoked and ready to wakeboard.  Tristan had a pretty flawless run, the type of run that no matter how he placed he would have been happy with his run….the type of run that when he was done you could see nothing but shear joy all over his face. He ended up taking first place and winning a new Sandbox Helmet.  He wore that helmet all the way to webbers, wore it while he ate his veggie burger, and for the 3 hour drive home and kept asking us from hwy 401 to the 427 to the QEW if he was dreaming this whole time…..did he really win that helmet?????  He was so happy and we were so proud!

Sometimes that best memories come from the most unlikely situations!


Sucking Lemons

A night of Girl Talk and and Thunderstorms

One of my most favorite places in the world to be is on my boat.
When I’m on it I forget about my job, about someone complaining to the city about our chicks, about the laundry that needs to be done, the emails that need to be read, and only do I think about all the things I am so grateful for having in my life.  There are the obvious ones like my kids, my husband, my parents, then there are the things that I don’t always stop to think about.  Such as the wind that can actually make my boat move, the water that not only my boat floats on but that I can jump into and swim, where I realize how small I am in this huge world but can see how my actions can cause ripples. The Chubby Bean is 19 feet of pure bliss and clarity.  Its also a great place to have a good sleep!

Last night I was sitting on the boat reading when I heard someone walking down the dock……I couldn’t have been more excited when I saw Taya’s face.  She climbed aboard and got comfortable.  Taya and I had no intentions on sleeping on the boat but we started talking.  Talking about her report card and being on the honor roll, boys, her upcoming birthday, our hair and just life in general.  It was one of the best nights I have had with my daughter in a long time.  The older she gets the more I wish I could hold her like a baby again, the more I realize how lucky I am to spend time with her…any time at all, because I now understand how precious time really is.  Taya will be going into grade 12 I’m running out of time or the times are just changing.  Either way it can be overwhelming.  Last night is a night that I will probably talk about at Taya’s wedding of some other huge life event.

While the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled Taya and I drifted to sleep swaying to the motion of the water.

Tonight is going to be another great night!!!  We are off to see our friend Tony of Great Lake Swimmers at Massey Hall!  Thank you to his family for inviting us to come along!

Give your loved ones an extra hug day cause….why not!


On the Chubby Bean with The Bean

On the Chubby Bean with The Bean

Who doesn’t love a good surprise!

Working on a Saturday when my husband is off can suck…but hey that’s how it goes sometimes.  Matt and I try to make the most out of the free time that we have to spend together with the kids.
Friday night we spent the night on the boat.  Tristan was out with a friend and Taya was working late.  It was a perfect night, warm with a nice breeze that kept the bugs away and just the right temp for a good nights sleep!
Saturday morning Matt and I debated on going for a sail before I had to go into work but decided against it.  So we choose to go looking for a patio set for a porch we have off of our second floor.  There wasn’t a lot to choose from and some of the prices were crazy high.  We stumble into one of my least favorite stores… and found a deal on four chairs and an outdoor rug, and at Target we found lots of fun Beaver Canoe accessories and 4 colorful  ottomans that we made into a table.  I actually can’t believe what we were able to fit into our lil VW Cabrio.
We could only 2 of the four chairs so Matt had to head back to Walmart while I went off to work.

I work with some pretty great people so the day was going by at a good pace and there were lots of laughs while we were working away.  On my break I grabbed my phone to see if I had any texts and Matt had texted saying he had a surprise for me.  I was guessing that he set up everything we had bought, and I couldn’t wait to come home and see what he had done.

Once I was all done work I practically sprinted home to find Matt on the 2nd floor porch he had put the chairs together, put the carpet down, put the ottomans in a pattern to create our table where he had bought candles and a cool tray that totally finished our little slice of serenity.  Could I have been more stoked????  Hell no!  My Matt is the shit and I never forget for one second how lucky I am!

Time to relax before we get back to the grind that Mondays bring.

Have a blissful night!


Our Chill Space

Our Chill Space