Its My Birthday!

You know What????

Getting old is pretty awesome when you are growing old with someone you love…….and when that someone is 3 years older than you that doesn’t hurt either!
I had the most beautiful day.  Slept in until 9:30, Tristan brought me breakfast in bed which consisted of crackers with cheese, yogurt and a glass of OJ.  Then Taya, Tristan and I went shopping where I found out I went down a dress size!  If that’s not a great BDay present I don’t know what is.  After shopping the kids and I picked Matt up from work and came home to unwrap a pile a presents.  From Taya I got a great new beach towel, 2 awesome mason jar mugs, flip flops and hair stuff.  Tristan bought me a yummy cupcake and an itunes card, my crazy hot tanned husband bought me a fire bowl, chocolates, and replaced my poopy cell phone with a pretty new one!  The gift giving didn’t stop there, my parents got me a gift card to David’s Tea and a new Life Jacket.  On top of all that my mom made a great dinner for all of us, full of veggies and great pasta with alfredo sauce.  My dad and I got to watch the sailing race from their backyard.  I love that my dad has shared the gift of sailing with me!

I had the best Birthday a girl could ask for surrounded by people that love me almost as much as I love them!

Can’t wait to see what this year will bring!



I had such a great Birthday!!!

I had such a great Birthday!!!

Playing hookie

Lil Luv Bugs!

Happy Hump day!
Today I let my daughter Taya play hookie so we could hang out just the two of us.I think it was much needed for her just as much as myself.  I call Taya my bean so I say say “my bean” in the future you’ll know who I talking about.

Taya and I spent the day trying on clothes, taking selfies and sipping on some Davids Tea ice tea in the warm sunshine!

It was a perfect day.  I love my beans company so much.  She is such a beautiful, smart, funny, crazy girl and I am super proud to have her as a daughter!

Half way through the week!
Sweet Dreams my bugs!


Just me , my Bean and Davids Tea

Just me , my Bean and Davids Tea