Hello Summer!

Happy Meatless Monday!

It looks like summer may have finally arrived!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend some time with their amazing Dads!
Our family had a great day with our Dads and Grandpa’s! We chilled out on the boat and had a great dinner at my parents house over looking Lake Erie!  It was such a great day…the sun was out and the top on the VW was down!!!

Tristan and I took Matt to great little shop called Pick’n Sisters.  They have some really cool antiques and retro pieces.  Matt found a set of funky 70’s coffee tables that we bought him for fathers day.  He plans on putting them in his man cave…..aka the basement…aka the Band Room!

I’ve posted a link to a short story about a cow begging for its life before being slaughtered.  Thought it was appropriate since it is Meatless Monday.  Tonight for dinner we had rice and cheese quesadillas.


Click here for the story


Save A Cow Eat Veggies!



Making some changes!

Luv Bugs!
You have all heard me mention probably on more then one occasion that I don’t always feel balanced.  Sometimes I feel like the need for money clouds what I truly value.  So I said FUCK IT!!!  Its time to changes things up!

I started off by changing up my availability at work….which means I now get two days off in a row!  This is huge for me.  I like to work and usually have a hard time turning down hours not just for the cash but I also feel guilty if I say no.  Going forward I now know what days off I’ll have so I can actually have a life and plan things.  So freaking excited that I no longer have 1 day off to hang with the kids, do laundry, do groceries, cook, clean the house, shop, visit friends and family, make phone calls, now I can do it in two days…I might actually find time for some fun!

Junk food is going to be very limited, its time to get on the healthy train.  I have tried more times then I can count to be healthy and it never last very long.  Part of being balanced is probably being healthy and active.  I feel like I can’t be very active or in the way I would like to be because I’m not healthy.  Not to sound like a Debbie downer but somewhere along the line I forgot to love myself.  I mean I don’t dislike myself but I don’t always love myself.  I started prepping meals and freezing them, cutting up veggies and fruits so they are just as easy to grab as a bag of chips.  Hell ya I’m gonna take the bull by the balls and do this shit!  Look out healthy, happy, balanced life here I come!

So say fuck it and shed some negative shit for some positive vibes!



A Lil drive by shooting Matt and I testing out some drive by shooting yesterday.