Sometimes its just not your day.

The weekend that just past brought to Mount Albert for the Roots Wakeboard comp at the Rial Yard.
First off that park was really nice and located in the perfect place.  Super easy to find as I think I saw about 12 signs on the way to the park directing us where to go.
The night before the competition we camped at a beautiful provincial park and woke up to pouring rain and the tent leaking.  Somehow the rain could dampen our spirits.  We were just so excited to be camping out we didn’t care.  the only thing were missing was our Bean as she had to work.

After packing up the tent in our bathing suits we found a coffee time and had some breakfast.

Tristan had a great warm run before the competition started actually a damn near perfect run.  When it was his turn to do his run….well he just wasn’t able to pull it together.  Excuses aside such has the pouring rain and wind it just wasn’t his day.  To be 100% honest this sort of thing has never happened to him before.  I’ve never seen him so disappointed in himself.  My heart broke for him.  Then I tried to get him to snap out of it right away which was a huge mistake.  He needed time to think about what had happened and realize its not the end of the world on his own.  He ended up finishing in 2nd place that he still believes was a gift that he didn’t deserve, but what he did end up wining was such a great experience.  Sometimes things just don’t go your way and you have to learn to deal with it.  That feeling of being disappointed in yourself isn’t really a bad thing if you choose to grow and learn from it….rise up from it!

My job wasn’t to make it better for him what was to let him know that we are proud of him no matter what.  I think he got that but just wasn’t able to see it right away.
I love that kid so much!


Roots Wakeboarding

Roots Wakeboarding


Lake, Boards and Friends

Loving how this summer is shaping up so far!

My day started off with my boss changing her NO to a Yes for a day off that I had requested so that I could watch my son compete in a wakeboarding contest on Saturday.  Really could may day get any better????  Well my friends it totally did.

My friend Lisa and I took our two sons and a cousin to Boarder Pass for a wakeboard session.  The clouds played nice and didn’t drop any rain on us and the boys had a great time.  Tristan over came a fear today.  With the help of BP owner Chris and of course Tristans huge balls he got on a rail!  On his second try he 180’d out and made it look good.  Proud momma moment for sure.

Tristan and I rounded out our awesome day with veggie burgers with Grandma at Harvey’s…mmmm mmm!  Now he’s off skateboarding in a secret location.

Hope everyone had a beautiful day!


This kid and his smile make this world a better place!

This kid and his smile make this world a better place!


Woot Woo! I did on my own!!!!

Bojour my lil Luv Bugs!
Tonight I am so excited to tell you guys about something that makes me smile from ear to ear!

As I had told ya about 2 weeks ago, we puy our sail boat in the water.  Normally I don’t like to go out on the boat without doing a practice run with my Dad first, but I couldn’t take sitting on the dock for another day.  So I just said fuck it!!!!  Before I knew it I had let the lines off and was heading out into the lake all on my own.  It is much safer to have more then one person on the boat however I thought women have sailed across the world on their own so I could totally do this!

I didn’t even sail….I just motered out and threw the anchor out.  Let me tell you that there is nothing more cleansing then sitting on the boat with a good book a glass of cold lemonade, and the silence.  It was awesome.  I took a quick dip in the lake but didn’t stay in very long, its still a little chilly.  After I dried off I sent Matt a text to let him at working letting him know where I was just in case I ran into any problems.  20 min had past and Matt sent a text expressing his shock that I had gone out alone, then his next text was to warn me that there were tornado warnings.  After the last text I looked at the sky and it looked ok, I checked the VHS radio for the weather and didn’t hear any warnings but in the end decided it was best to head in.

I made back to the dock to find my mom waiting to catch my lines which totally made my first time ever docking the boat much easier!

I felt like the king of the world when I landed the boat into the dock!

Yaaaa Me!!


I wasn't totally alone! I had Dexter to keep me company!

I wasn’t totally alone!
I had Dexter to keep me company!