Nature is so sweet

Anyone who cares at all about where their is food is coming from probably knows that fruit season is in full effect.
The kids and I were so stoked to go to Blue Berry Knoll to pick some raspberries!  Ok the truth is I was super stoked and the kids were less than enthusiastic at 9am.
Taya insisted on having the front seat in the VW since the top was down and lucky for her Tristan was in a good mood and let her have the seat without a fight.
The sky had just the right amount of cloudy to keep us the perfect temperature while we picked.

I have to say it was super hard not eat every berry that we picked but eventually our little quarts filled up.  One of the greatest things about picking your own fruit is that you get to chill out in the farmers field with friends or family or just alone with your thoughts, but on top of that you get fruit at its peak.  You pick which berries you want basically insuring that every berry in your quart is edible (good bang for your buck) ……you’re not stuck with some fruit that was sprayed with god knows what,  picked way to early and ripened on a truck while traveling from another country.  I’m not sure where we as a society starting to go wrong but I feel like there is change coming about.  Maybe it starts with us caring where our food comes from, caring what we put into our bodies I’m not sure.  What I am sure of it ends with our farmers.  You have heard the phrase before farmers feed cities!  I would just prefer that the farmer that feeds me is local.  That might mean I wont be able to eat strawberries all winter unless I buy frozen but you know what I think I could learn to live with that.  My grandmother died at the age of 102 she was born in 1902 she ate what her family grew and what they canned/preserved.  They had the right idea.  Judging by her age when she passed away I think that her health was better because of her way of living.  We live in a beautiful country which happens to have the ability to sustain us very well, so lets keep those hard working under appreciated farmers working!!!  Lets eat better!

We are totally worth it!

The kids and I went to Blueberry Knoll its a great place to pick your own fruit, buy homemade pies and when their corn is in season it is the best corn you will ever taste!


Super Yummy Supper Healthy and we picked em!!!

Super Yummy Supper Healthy and we picked em!!!



Strawberries for miles!


My mom and I couldn’t have picked a better day to go picking!!!
The sun wasn’t to hot and there was such a nice breeze I filled three 7L baskets.  Thank goodness I stopped there.  I have so many strawberries I’m not sure what to do with the all.

So far I have 4 huge ziplock baggies full in the freezer waiting to be turned into smoothies and I have made 9 large jars of jam made.  After all that and eating more than I should have I still have almost a full 7L basket.  I’m gonna be counting on Taya and Tristan to eat lots!  Taya has been working a lot so I’m sure she will be greatful for the easy to grab snack!

After picking and jamming Tristan and I dropped Matt off at work and headed to the skate park.  First we made a stop into Sud Skates to visit the friend and shop owner Andrew.  We have known the kid since Tristan was 5…….which seems like a life time ago.  It was good to visit with him and his girlfriend.  Tristan picked up a cool shirt that he fell in love with.

At the skate park Tristan killed it.  He was trying so many new things and landing them.  I wish he had a better understanding of what he is capable of.  Once he does there will be no stopping him!

On the way home Tristan and I stopped by Davids Tea and grabbed some yummy strawberry parfait ice tea.  We kept holding off on putting the top up on the VW even with the looming grey clouds.  I’m glad we did.  We made it home without getting wet.

Such a wonderful day.  Can’t wait for tomorrow we are off to Binbrook for some wakeboarding at Boarder Pass with Tristan and his best friend Mitch.  I’m super bummed that i wont be able to go to his comp on Sat. but greatful for the time to do get with him!

Open you windows tonight, there is such a nice breeze!
Sleep tight!


What am I going to do with all of these yummy Strawberries?

What am I going to do with all of these yummy Strawberries?

Happy Happy!!!!

I am loving my decision to cut back on the number of hours I work.
Cooking, laundry, getting the oil change done on the car, walking the dog, hanging with the kids, reading, and taking photos no longer feel like such a chore.

Matt and I did lots of running around today before he had to go in on afternoons.  We accomplished so much, and donated a bunch of stuff that we haven’t used in forever.  It felt good to get rid of the things we no longer had a need or use for, and donating it so it could be used again felt even better.

Last night I tried a new recipe that I posted yesterday….The Mock Fried Rice!  It was a total hit with the fam jam! The kids and I ended up eating pretty late cause i didn’t realize that the cauliflower need to chill in the fridge for an hour.  While the cauliflower was chilling Tristan was out hanging with the boys from his class and Taya and I decided to go for a drive looking for some photography inspiration and we found some on the side of the road!

Have a great day!


Try Something New

Try Something New



Errrrr I’m sick of food!

Hello lil luv bugs!

I’m sick of food. I’m tired of thinking about what to buy at the grocery store, what to make for dinner, reading labels, eating out, eating in, fried food healthy, carbs, no carbs, raw, cooked, fresh or frozen, boiled or tossed.  Not to mention the all the prep to make food then all the clean up.  Sick of it all.  I think that the one thing I would do if I had more money then I knew what to do with, would be to hire a chef.  Then all my laziness and lack of imagination wouldn’t get in my way of being trying to eat healthy.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble to ask all of my friends, family and readers to suggest some good websites for vegetarian recipes I would be so great full.  I keep wondering through pintrest and the food network aimlessly.

Please help me get out of this food rut!

Leslie xo

Fill the bowl/plate