Massey Hall

Weeks ago Matt and I were in the grocery store when a lady with a big smile walked up to us.  She asked Matt if he remembered who she was.  Matt replied “Yes!  You’re Tony’s Mom!”  Our friend Tony Dekker is “Great Lake Swimmers” along with his very talented band mates.  Tony’s mom had asked us if we would like to join their family to go see Great Lake Swimmers at Massey Hall.  Seeing Tony’s moms face light up with pride as she gave us the details about the show gave me goose bumps.  Of course we said YES!!!!!  Hearing anything about Tony always brings a smile to our faces.  We don’t get to see or talk to him often but still feel very much connected to him.

Last night was finally the night.  We were all so excited to go to Massey Hall.  Massey Hall!!!  Our friend is playing at Massey Hall……we were pooping our pants I can’t imagine how Tony and his family were feeling.  It’s a huge honor to play that venue.  If seeing The Great Lake Swimmers wasn’t enough I also got to see another friend open up for them.  Amy Cole and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Amy and the band killed it.  The venue is a seated event but The RAA was totally meant to listen to standing up.  The driving drums, the rhythm of the guitar, and Amy’s back up vocals all come together like nature had intended it that way.  Seeing her up on that stage all I could feel was pride.  Tristan kept trying to keep up with the drummer while he was air drumming in his seat.  I think Taya wanted to get out of her seat and dance.

Great Lake Swimmers took to the stage like seasoned pros without any of the cockiness.  The second all of their instruments came together was the second my jaw hit the floor.  Each note was bathed in beauty.  The band as a whole fits together like puzzle.  If one piece was to get lost the puzzle wouldn’t be a puzzle at all.  They all brought something so valid to each song.  Tony, a soft spoken, smart, hansom, modest and sometimes shy man stood so well in the center of the stage at Massey Hall.  Small town Tony is big time talented!  It was so cool to see strangers enjoying his music.  To see his dad beam with pride in the aisle as we patiently waited for him to take stage, to hear his fans clap so loud after every song,  and to hear his sister Carolyn say that she was able to skype their other sister in Japan so that she could hear her brothers entire show was almost as great as hearing Tony’s music at Massey Hall.  I bet one day years from now some 20 or 30 something will be standing on stage thinking to himself this is where Tony Dekker stood oh my gosh!  I think that it is so amazing that Tony is putting his mark on the world and will have a legacy.  Not everyone can say that!

As we were driving home Taya said, “I haven’t listened to Great Lake Swimmer’s in a while but I think Tony just changed how I think about music.”
Thank you so much to the Dekker’s for including us.  You have such a beautiful family that both Matt and I admire very much.

Such a great night!
Congrats to both of our friends from lil ol Port Colborne for taking on Massey Hall last night!


Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage

Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage