Its all Happening!!!!

This week is just going to kick ass!  It started off with me scoring 98% on a test I had to write for work.  Total weight off of my shoulders.  Tomorrow Matt and I are going to see Belle and Sebastian at Massey Hall.  I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for Matt.  It seemed to take forever for the day to come but it finally has.
If a concert wasn’t enough its also a short work week thanks to Easter….oh yeah and the weekend is going to be filled with good food, chocolate, friends and family!  EEEeeee!  I’m so excited!
I’m also grateful for all this fun, it helps the time pass….cause OMG….I can’t even type the words without freaking out!  My BFF and I are getting out of the poop weather here in Ontario and heading out for a week of Sun, fun, Sand, Relaxing, Bonding, and Reading in the Dominican!
This girl has been my best friend since high school.  Unfortunately she is a 5 hour drive away from me, so this trip really means the world to me!  Its an entire week of hanging with my girl, with no worries about what to make for dinner, alarm clocks, and appointments.  Its a week just for us!  I honestly have the best family for being supportive and encouraging me to go.  Matt’s doing something for me that I’m not sure that I could do in return.  I’m so in love with this guy its crazy!  Its going to be hard to be away from him for a week.  He really has no idea the extent to what he has given me.   The best part of being a part is coming together again.  Just as much as I am looking forward to my trip, I am looking forward to coming home to Matt and the Kids!

Happy Easter to everyone!
Enjoy your families and the long weekend!


I'm one lucky girl!

I’m one lucky girl!

The Awesomeness Of Girls

First off let me start by saying that I LOVE being a GIRL!
I dislike when people say you throw “like a girl”….what does that even mean?……or shes not bad “for a girl”
All of us girls from time to time forget how awesome we really are.  How capable we are.

This past Friday I hung out with the best group of girls I have ever had the opportunity to hang out with.  Fearless Female Fridays hosted by Amanda Newhouse has such a great vibe.  While I was new to the group I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  What I got into was an awesome group of girls who kick ass at wakeboarding.  A group of girls that supported each other, that encouraged each other, that cheered for one another and that made everyone feel welcome.   This was my 2nd time trying wakeboarding and I have to say I am hooked.  If my body would let me I would go more often.

After having kids I of course put my family’s needs ahead of my own… most women do!  I stopped setting time aside for myself and slowly started losing pieces of myself without ever really noticing.  If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn’t change a thing!  No one asked me to stop caring about myself I just slowly did all on my own.  What wakeboarding has done for me in the two times I have gone out is helped me to find my way back to who I am.  I am so ready for this…….my kids are getting older and I have such an amazing supportive husband and I am in a perfect place to start putting my needs as a priority.  If that cable park existed when I was a teenager I would never have hesitated and my body would have been way more co-operative.  Over the years I have gained a gross amount of weight and I have let that weight gain stop me from doing to many things and that ended with wakeboarding.  I no longer care if I am the biggest, cause I wont be the biggest for ever if I just keeping trying to be active, and I am tired of watching from the sidelines while everyone else has fun.  I was my own worst enemy!

So last Friday I really had no problem getting up on the wakeboard, my corners are getting so much better that I am actually making a few of them and I did a sitting dock start for the first time.  I felt like I was the shit!  The Fearless Female girls cheering and making me feel included didn’t hurt either.  All the girls are at different levels and some would think that would make for a competitive environment but they would be wrong I think that is what actually bonds these girls together…..even though they may only see each other once a week.

After we all had a run on the cable at Boarder Pass we headed to Don Cherry’s for a beer, some food, and lots of chit chat!  I think these girls are so amazing, they are all stronger then they realize, they are tuff as nails and they have inspired me!

Girls Rule The World we just sometimes forget it!


Fearless Females Photo borrowed from Fearless Female’s FB page.  Click the photo to visit their FB page!