Fall, Get Up….repeat!

You know I can’t remember how many failures that I have had in life.  Honestly too many to count.  I never kept track. However they are in the back of my mind.   I’ve been falling a lot trying new things wakeboarding and found myself only thinking about the falls.  Thinking about my fails!  Why????  Well for starters if it weren’t for my many falls I wouldn’t learn anything new.  Not to mention what a crappy way to think.  If you feel like beating yourself up just think of the many fails you’ve had.  How can I possibly move forward in life if I continue to think of all of my fails, or the possibility of future fails.  Those fails just make the successes so much sweeter, so much more deserved.  Its the getting back up after a fall that makes us feel like a rock star or super hero!  So rather than focusing on the falls I’m gonna relish in the fact that I got back up and that I tried!!!

Matt and I are getting ready to take some risks as I mentioned in the last post about a life in Boler Trailer.  Taya my girl is taking a risk heading off to university to begin a life of her own.  Tristan… well he is still pretty fearless but risks his ego getting bruised as well as his body when he tries new stuff on his wakeboard and skateboard.  My kids and husband inspire me to take chances and try new things.  We are lucky to have the support of each other.

With only a few weeks of summer I invite you to eat a big shit sandwich!
Try something new.
Toss the fear of failing aside and enjoy a new challenge.
It could be anything from trying a new sport to sharing your art with the world, or trying a new recipe.

Not sure who said it but “the only chances you regret are the ones you didn’t take”


1st comp and I ate it hard before I even got up on my board.  Hahaha!!!

1st comp and I ate it hard before I even got up on my board. Hahaha!!!

For Sail?

Once again it has been way to long since I last posted anything.  I hate winter!  What can I say.  Motivation when its cold and dark more than not just doesn’t exist.  My windows are now open, the birds and bees are doing their thing and my baby girl is just weeks from graduating high school.  I am now awake!

Spring not only brings warmer air, and BBQ’s out of the garage but it also breeds new life.  Flowers begin to bloom, the dead lawn starts to show signs of life and tadpoles start turning into frogs.  Well this girl is ready for new things.  I think????

I’ve decided to let go of a few things that I totally love.  For starters my husband and I are selling our old VW Cabriolet convertible.  I didn’t realize how greedy I could actually be.  I’m actually disgusted to say that I drove off two buyers for the car.  I couldn’t figure out why I was doing this.  Didn’t I want to sell it???  Yes, yes I did.  Just didn’t want anyone else to have it.  See I’m gross!  When did I ever start thinking this way?  When I actually realized just how crazy I was acting most potential buyers found other cars and I had a hard time looking into the mirror.  Who had I become….. a person that didn’t want others to have what I had.  Eww just gross.  So I’m over that now having given my head a good shake!  With a somewhat clear head I announced to my husband Matt that I want to sell my boat.  I have to explain that while Matt and I share everything, we do not share the love I have for the water and sailing.  That being said the boat is mine but ours….you know what I mean?

Matt was totally shocked that I was going to sell the boat.  It’s time for new adventures that both Matt and I can enjoy together along with the kids.  The boat feels way different than the car.  It defines a part of who I am….or so I think/thought?  Living pretty much pay cheque to pay cheque I never thought that we could own a boat.  I have always felt so lucky for having it.  Sitting on the boat in the middle of the lake just melts all cares away.  Its a place where my anxiety doesn’t have a home.  While I’m out there I can breath and I mean really breath.  I love it all.  The fresh air, the sails flapping, the feel of the tiller in my hand and the ever so quite hum the boats makes when the boat and I find our groove in the wind.  So I asked my self can a possession actually define who you are.  Well the answer was no.  So I am trying to find my most favorite possession a new home where it will give someone else the pure joy it gave me for the past 8 years.

Its funny I’m turning 37 this year and I’m still figuring out who I am and what kind of person I want to be.

Have a great day lil love bugs!



Living in the sun and water!

Living in the sun and water!

The Awesomeness Of Girls

First off let me start by saying that I LOVE being a GIRL!
I dislike when people say you throw “like a girl”….what does that even mean?……or shes not bad “for a girl”
All of us girls from time to time forget how awesome we really are.  How capable we are.

This past Friday I hung out with the best group of girls I have ever had the opportunity to hang out with.  Fearless Female Fridays hosted by Amanda Newhouse has such a great vibe.  While I was new to the group I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  What I got into was an awesome group of girls who kick ass at wakeboarding.  A group of girls that supported each other, that encouraged each other, that cheered for one another and that made everyone feel welcome.   This was my 2nd time trying wakeboarding and I have to say I am hooked.  If my body would let me I would go more often.

After having kids I of course put my family’s needs ahead of my own…..as most women do!  I stopped setting time aside for myself and slowly started losing pieces of myself without ever really noticing.  If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn’t change a thing!  No one asked me to stop caring about myself I just slowly did all on my own.  What wakeboarding has done for me in the two times I have gone out is helped me to find my way back to who I am.  I am so ready for this…….my kids are getting older and I have such an amazing supportive husband and I am in a perfect place to start putting my needs as a priority.  If that cable park existed when I was a teenager I would never have hesitated and my body would have been way more co-operative.  Over the years I have gained a gross amount of weight and I have let that weight gain stop me from doing to many things and that ended with wakeboarding.  I no longer care if I am the biggest, cause I wont be the biggest for ever if I just keeping trying to be active, and I am tired of watching from the sidelines while everyone else has fun.  I was my own worst enemy!

So last Friday I really had no problem getting up on the wakeboard, my corners are getting so much better that I am actually making a few of them and I did a sitting dock start for the first time.  I felt like I was the shit!  The Fearless Female girls cheering and making me feel included didn’t hurt either.  All the girls are at different levels and some would think that would make for a competitive environment but they would be wrong I think that is what actually bonds these girls together…..even though they may only see each other once a week.

After we all had a run on the cable at Boarder Pass we headed to Don Cherry’s for a beer, some food, and lots of chit chat!  I think these girls are so amazing, they are all stronger then they realize, they are tuff as nails and they have inspired me!

Girls Rule The World we just sometimes forget it!


Fearless Females Photo borrowed from Fearless Female’s FB page.  Click the photo to visit their FB page!

Kids and balance

With Taya heading into grade 12 time seems to be moving faster than it ever has before.  At a time where I wish it would just slow down.  Between Taya working as a lifeguard, hanging out with her friends, and driving to her BF’s house we hardly see her.  I really notice how little I see her when I go through the photos and she isn’t in them.  It makes me sad but happy at the same time that Matt and I have raised such a great kid who I believe is ready to take on the world.  I hope she knows that even though she is in far less photos then we would like that every time that shutter snaps close we are no doubt thinking about her!  Soon Taya will be learning how to live a balanced life without so much nagging from her parents……I think she is excited to figure it all out.  School, friends, family,and work.  It will be interesting to see how her priorities will change as she continues to grow.

I consider myself lucky to have met the love of my life so early in my life, had Taya while I was young and still get to have Tristan almost 5 years after Taya was born.  The time between the kids is so perfect for us.  Its neat to have him bringing up the rear.

On the weekend I went out sailing with my Dad, Matt and Tristan.  It was perfect weather even though the weather man was calling for crap.  The wind filled our sails nicely and the waves were gentle.  This was the first time that Tristan showed interest in learning to sail.  He took the tiller in his hand, found the wind and sailed us back to the marina with a huge smile on his face.  I always thought that it was such a gift that my Dad knew how to sail and that he was willing to show me and share his knowledge.  I hope that I can do the same for my kids and that they will want to learn.  I’m not sure that I would have ever tried sailing if my dad had never introduced me to it and if my mom had when so willing to give up every weekend to go sailing every summer for as long as I can remember.

What all of this boils down…Taya with her juggling work, friends, BF, and Family, Tristan with family, friends and sports, my parents with an apartment building, kids, grand kids, and friends, Matt and I with work, kids, parents, family and friends its all about balancing sometimes the scales tip too much one way but your family is always there to help get you back on track again.

I love my life!


My Dad and Tristan sailing the Chubby Bean

My Dad and Tristan sailing the Chubby Bean