We’re in it together…all In!!!!

Its your neighbor, it’s your friend, your mother, your teacher, the crossing guard, the waitress at your fav greasy spoon, your friends friend, its the person you smile at when passing on the sidewalk, it could be you!  In this case its my sons fellow classmate, friend, and teammate.  Only its not just him.  Its his entire family who is your friend, your neighbor, your teacher, you best friend, your university study buddy and the cute guy that you wish had a locker beside you at the local high school.  You see the Schonewille’s are in this together.  It is not up to just one of them to beat cancer but all of them….for that matter all of us!

Cancer is this horrible thing that somehow brings out the best in us.  It turns a store owner into an angel for jumping into action to help a friend without having to think about it for even a second.  It makes the janitor at McMaster a smile maker by using his magic to entertain.  It makes the friend you haven’t spoken to in while know that you are still there whenever you need them.  The mom becomes the healer but really hasn’t she always been!  Only this time its different because she is also the soldier who will  stand beside you through it all, and it is impossible to let her down because she loves you!  It turns a shaved head into a badge of honor.  It brings courage when you thought you had none left.

Two days ago the kids of Steele Street School came together and stood in support of their friend.  20 kids shaved their heads but all of the kids became an active member in Isaac’s Army and by doing so they have brought an entire community to the fight.  My guess is that Cancer has never regretted messing with such a strong army of people.  Its not just on one person, its on all of us.  No one stands alone here!

Really cancer didn’t bring the community together the Schonewille’s did because they are your, friends, your teacher, your neighbor, the person in line beside you at the grocery store, your team mate that passes the puck to you in hockey, the cute guy that has class with you and the pretty blond walking across campus.

If you are feeling inclined please click the link to make a donation to Isaac’s Army.  Just know that positive thoughts, and smiles will also get you into the army!

I believe that Isaac’s Army bracelets can still be bought at Grants on West Street, Port Colborne for $2.00

I am so proud to be a part of such a great community!


Isaac's Army!

Road Trip’n

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Sometimes you just have to say screw it and hit the open road.
That is exactly what I did last week.  Having 4 days off in a row I decided to go visit my best friend in Ottawa.  The 6 hour drive prevents us from visiting more often.  However we are such good friends that not seeing each other really doesn’t have a negative affect on us.  Of course we both would rather see one another more often but we make the most of we have.

If seeing my BFF wasn’t going to be awesome enough….Taya was able to take 4 days off of work to join me!  This totally meant the world to me.  She is 17 years old trying to make money and balance friends over the summer.  Taya chose to be with me.  It warmed my heart so much knowing that I was about to spend four days with my bean and my bestie!  Now I shouldn’t leave Tristan out……but Tristan tagging along is quite normal as he is 12 and most of the time has no choice.

So we packed up the Honda Fit on Sunday afternoon and started our trip to Ottawa.  Believe it or not the six hour drive was incredibly smooth.  We stopped for some apple pie at the big apple along the highway.  That place was a total zoo and even though she enjoyed the pie Taya vowed never to go there again.  Too many buses with too many tourists.  Taya and I chatted for most of the drive while Tristan tuned us out with his iPhone.

We arrived to my friends house later then we had hoped but were received with big warm hugs!

The next morning we hit down town Ottawa saw the parliament buildings, and went to the market.  The market was huge and the prices were great with miles of fresh fruit and veggies mixed with some great artisans.  I couldn’t believe the market there is daily.  Man I wish we had that, I would probably go at least 3 times a week.  After shopping and a great homemade dinner from our visit to the market we hit the sack.  Day two we went to a more high end of town, which had some great shopping and a hole lot of character.  Dinner this time was the kids idea to make fancy grilled cheeses…mmmmm mmmm were they ever yummy!!!!

The BFF and I could talk for hours and our age is starting to show as our conversations tend to slow down around 11:30pm.  However I think we managed to fit all the important stuff in.  I love this woman to the sky and back or possibly more than that.  I know for a fact she doesn’t see how strong and beautiful she, and no matter what shit the world decides to pile on top of her nothing can keep this amazing person down.  She inspires me to my core!

Tristan had a farting problem the entire time we were there!  He just couldn’t seem to stop.  The more he laughed the more he farted.  We finally had to have him go to the screen door to fart out of to prevent the house from exploding from so much gas be expelled from his tiny butt.  I started to feel bad for our hosts.  We took over their house and made it smell.  They did manage to get us back before we left.  My friends husband/partner wrote all over our car windows slang about farts and something about our car being a fart mobile.

Even though the kids and I were having a great time I couldn’t stop thinking of my husband.  We do everything together all of the time, so when we are apart at all…well it feels like we are missing a limb.  4 days was a long time for us to be apart.  Normally I would agree with the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder but I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more fond of my husband.  He gave me everything in this world that makes me happy.  I guess I should give my parents some credit in the happiness department as well!!!  They gave me lots to be grateful for as well but you get my drift!

Hopefully there will be more road trips!





Massey Hall

Weeks ago Matt and I were in the grocery store when a lady with a big smile walked up to us.  She asked Matt if he remembered who she was.  Matt replied “Yes!  You’re Tony’s Mom!”  Our friend Tony Dekker is “Great Lake Swimmers” along with his very talented band mates.  Tony’s mom had asked us if we would like to join their family to go see Great Lake Swimmers at Massey Hall.  Seeing Tony’s moms face light up with pride as she gave us the details about the show gave me goose bumps.  Of course we said YES!!!!!  Hearing anything about Tony always brings a smile to our faces.  We don’t get to see or talk to him often but still feel very much connected to him.

Last night was finally the night.  We were all so excited to go to Massey Hall.  Massey Hall!!!  Our friend is playing at Massey Hall……we were pooping our pants I can’t imagine how Tony and his family were feeling.  It’s a huge honor to play that venue.  If seeing The Great Lake Swimmers wasn’t enough I also got to see another friend open up for them.  Amy Cole and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Amy and the band killed it.  The venue is a seated event but The RAA was totally meant to listen to standing up.  The driving drums, the rhythm of the guitar, and Amy’s back up vocals all come together like nature had intended it that way.  Seeing her up on that stage all I could feel was pride.  Tristan kept trying to keep up with the drummer while he was air drumming in his seat.  I think Taya wanted to get out of her seat and dance.

Great Lake Swimmers took to the stage like seasoned pros without any of the cockiness.  The second all of their instruments came together was the second my jaw hit the floor.  Each note was bathed in beauty.  The band as a whole fits together like puzzle.  If one piece was to get lost the puzzle wouldn’t be a puzzle at all.  They all brought something so valid to each song.  Tony, a soft spoken, smart, hansom, modest and sometimes shy man stood so well in the center of the stage at Massey Hall.  Small town Tony is big time talented!  It was so cool to see strangers enjoying his music.  To see his dad beam with pride in the aisle as we patiently waited for him to take stage, to hear his fans clap so loud after every song,  and to hear his sister Carolyn say that she was able to skype their other sister in Japan so that she could hear her brothers entire show was almost as great as hearing Tony’s music at Massey Hall.  I bet one day years from now some 20 or 30 something will be standing on stage thinking to himself this is where Tony Dekker stood oh my gosh!  I think that it is so amazing that Tony is putting his mark on the world and will have a legacy.  Not everyone can say that!

As we were driving home Taya said, “I haven’t listened to Great Lake Swimmer’s in a while but I think Tony just changed how I think about music.”
Thank you so much to the Dekker’s for including us.  You have such a beautiful family that both Matt and I admire very much.

Such a great night!
Congrats to both of our friends from lil ol Port Colborne for taking on Massey Hall last night!


Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage

Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage

Lake, Boards and Friends

Loving how this summer is shaping up so far!

My day started off with my boss changing her NO to a Yes for a day off that I had requested so that I could watch my son compete in a wakeboarding contest on Saturday.  Really could may day get any better????  Well my friends it totally did.

My friend Lisa and I took our two sons and a cousin to Boarder Pass for a wakeboard session.  The clouds played nice and didn’t drop any rain on us and the boys had a great time.  Tristan over came a fear today.  With the help of BP owner Chris and of course Tristans huge balls he got on a rail!  On his second try he 180’d out and made it look good.  Proud momma moment for sure.

Tristan and I rounded out our awesome day with veggie burgers with Grandma at Harvey’s…mmmm mmm!  Now he’s off skateboarding in a secret location.

Hope everyone had a beautiful day!


This kid and his smile make this world a better place!

This kid and his smile make this world a better place!