Its a Wrap

I’m really not one to reflect on the past.  I tend to just look ahead to the next thing.  Sometimes I consider this trait a fault and other times a gift.  Being that this is the first day of a new year I do feel slightly obligated to talk about the future thankfully I’m excited for the next 364 days of tomorrows.

In order to talk about the future I do need to bring up the past.  Not the long ago past but the past few months.  Many of you that read my lil old blog know that I fell in love with wakeboarding this summer thanks to Boarder Pass and the great, inspiring girls of “Fearless Females”!  Once the lake got to cold to play in I found myself dreaming of wakeboarding.  I had these grand ideas that I would lose a ton of weight over the winter to be in better shape for the next season of wakeboarding.  The thing is I was in a total slump.  I went from feeling like I was part of something to feeling lonely and bored.  Realizing that this was the beginning of a very sad winter full of self loathing I decided to beg for two things for Christmas.  I’m not very good about putting myself first, which is part of what makes me a good mom but also isn’t awesome for my well being.  So this is why I decided to beg for two things that I would love to own but would have never bought for myself.

Item #1  a SNOWBOARD  I begged my husband for this.  Every time he asked me what I wanted I said a snowboard.  I only had two requirements.  It had to be pretty and the right size for me.

Item #2 a pair of Hiking Boots.  Good hiking boots.  This I dropped hints to my parents weekly.  I didn’t really care what make they were or where the came from so long as they fit and they felt good to walk in.

Being that I have an amazing husband and parents who love to go for hikes I found both gifts under the Christmas tree!

There was only one reason I wanted these two gifts so badly.  To change my life.  No big deal and maybe too much pressure to put on myself, but what the hell!!!

The snowboard gets me back on a board while I wait to get back into the water.  We don’t have lots of money to spend on lift tickets but it will give me something to look forward to and a reason to consider making healthier choices.  I skied when I was a kid but have never been on a snowboard ever.  Hoping to give it a try next week….weather permitting.

The hiking boots…..well those are all about making healthy choices, about getting outside and enjoying nature.  I got a gift certificate to Mountain Equipment Co-op.  On Tuesday Matt, Tristan and I went to Burlington and hit up MEC.  Love this store so much.  Everything I look at just screams possibilities.  I found the perfect pair of boots.  I took those boots for a hike the next day around the quarry with Tristan and the dogs.

I have this grand idea that these two items will begin to change my life.  A life where I start to question what goes into my body, where I start to believe that I am worth it, a life where the boots feel better on my feet then the couch does on my ass.

Taking this next year one day at a time and not focusing on my failures but celebrating my attempts is how I’m going to live for the next 365 days.  I’ll be looking for reasons to be happy in the moment that I am in.  I’m going to do my best to stop adding salt to my food and choosing anything to drink other than pop.

My hope for everyone is that you find contentment with just being.  That you try new things and care for others.  Also, that you remember to care for our planet and the animals that we share it with and make choices with these two things in mind.

Happy New Year!!!


These Boots Were Made For Hiking!

These Boots Were Made For Hiking!