Since I was up anyway……

I hit the market at 7am this morning.
If it hadn’t been for Matt needing a ride to work I probably would have skipped the market and slept in until I had to go to work.  Waking up at the very second and rushing to get dressed and then to run out of time before having a chance to make my lunch.  NOT TODAY!!!!

Today at 7am the market was just coming to life.  It was kinda beautiful to me honest.  The farmers were the only ones walking around that didn’t look like zombies off of the set of the Walking Dead.  I can’t even begin to guess what time these amazing people get up to pack their trucks and head to the market.  The colours displayed on every stand and table were stunning.  Hard to believe that nature makes all this yummy food.

I spent about $20.00 and came home with fresh mouth watering veggies, huge farm fresh eggs (our chickens haven’t started laying eggs yet), and a bunch of pretty flowers.  I haven’t even eaten any of the loot I grabbed and I can already hear my body saying way to go!!!!

Since I am no longer in a rush I pulled out the spiral grinder and made some zucchini noodles for mine and Taya’s lunch today.  Tristan’s heading out for the next two days with a friend to wakeboard and watch some pro wake skaters in Sarnia…..while Taya, Matt and I will be working!  So this lunch should be some good fuel for our bodies today!

Go get some asparagus its already the last week for these yummy lil trees!


Yummy get in my Tummy Veggies from our local farmers market!

Yummy get in my Tummy Veggies from our local farmers market!

First Try Friday

Morning Luv bugs!
Hope everyone has woken up on the right side of the bed today.
This woman came into my work yesterday and said “isn’t this great?”  I asked her what’s great? she replied with “life! I love my life!”  It was such a simple but nice thing to hear.  Someone enjoying life and more then happy to share it with the world.
The sun is shining, its Friday and its market day.
How about you go to the market and try something new…hence first try Friday.



Be Wild and Wander

Another drive by photo