Its all Happening!!!!

This week is just going to kick ass!  It started off with me scoring 98% on a test I had to write for work.  Total weight off of my shoulders.  Tomorrow Matt and I are going to see Belle and Sebastian at Massey Hall.  I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for Matt.  It seemed to take forever for the day to come but it finally has.
If a concert wasn’t enough its also a short work week thanks to Easter….oh yeah and the weekend is going to be filled with good food, chocolate, friends and family!  EEEeeee!  I’m so excited!
I’m also grateful for all this fun, it helps the time pass….cause OMG….I can’t even type the words without freaking out!  My BFF and I are getting out of the poop weather here in Ontario and heading out for a week of Sun, fun, Sand, Relaxing, Bonding, and Reading in the Dominican!
This girl has been my best friend since high school.  Unfortunately she is a 5 hour drive away from me, so this trip really means the world to me!  Its an entire week of hanging with my girl, with no worries about what to make for dinner, alarm clocks, and appointments.  Its a week just for us!  I honestly have the best family for being supportive and encouraging me to go.  Matt’s doing something for me that I’m not sure that I could do in return.  I’m so in love with this guy its crazy!  Its going to be hard to be away from him for a week.  He really has no idea the extent to what he has given me.   The best part of being a part is coming together again.  Just as much as I am looking forward to my trip, I am looking forward to coming home to Matt and the Kids!

Happy Easter to everyone!
Enjoy your families and the long weekend!


I'm one lucky girl!

I’m one lucky girl!

To My Husband Matthew

Matthew is not only my super hot hubby, he is also my best friend.  Sometimes my only friend.
He is my memory when I seem to have lost it.
He is my eyes when I can’t see clearly.
He is my confidence when I need it most.
He is my voice when I have no words.
He is my bravery when all I feel is fear.
He is my laughter when I’m deeply sad.
He is my strength when I feel pain.
He is my song that makes me dance.
He is my blanket that keeps me warm.
He is simply my everything!

I suffer from anxiety.  Some days can be very very bad.  Some days I can’t breath.  I’m overly sensitive.  It seems as though almost anything can set me off.  I cry.  ALOT!  When its bad its very bad.  Even though I tell him over and over again that it has nothing to do with him or the kids, I can see how much my bad days hurt them.  Matthew has managed to see past my flaws…actually he has found a way not to just to live with them but embrace them.  There are days where I feel I don’t deserve him.

On the bad days like when his family showed up 4 hours late for a Christmas dinner that we were hosting, I was so utterly hurt.  This dinner that I had been planning since we had his family over at Thanksgiving. I really didn’t think that I would be able to face them once they showed up.  My breathing became labored and I went up to my room.  Shortly after Matthew found me, he wrapped his arms around me.  He held me tightly and just kept telling me that he loved me, over and over again.  It didn’t take the hurt away but it did remind me that I have him!  My everything!  I have him!  He is mine and I am his.

Matthew I love you more than anyone could possibly love someone.
Should the day ever come that my memory decides to take a long nap please remember one thing.
You are my everything!
I love you!
Everyday I love you!



My Everything

My Everything


Road Trip’n

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Sometimes you just have to say screw it and hit the open road.
That is exactly what I did last week.  Having 4 days off in a row I decided to go visit my best friend in Ottawa.  The 6 hour drive prevents us from visiting more often.  However we are such good friends that not seeing each other really doesn’t have a negative affect on us.  Of course we both would rather see one another more often but we make the most of we have.

If seeing my BFF wasn’t going to be awesome enough….Taya was able to take 4 days off of work to join me!  This totally meant the world to me.  She is 17 years old trying to make money and balance friends over the summer.  Taya chose to be with me.  It warmed my heart so much knowing that I was about to spend four days with my bean and my bestie!  Now I shouldn’t leave Tristan out……but Tristan tagging along is quite normal as he is 12 and most of the time has no choice.

So we packed up the Honda Fit on Sunday afternoon and started our trip to Ottawa.  Believe it or not the six hour drive was incredibly smooth.  We stopped for some apple pie at the big apple along the highway.  That place was a total zoo and even though she enjoyed the pie Taya vowed never to go there again.  Too many buses with too many tourists.  Taya and I chatted for most of the drive while Tristan tuned us out with his iPhone.

We arrived to my friends house later then we had hoped but were received with big warm hugs!

The next morning we hit down town Ottawa saw the parliament buildings, and went to the market.  The market was huge and the prices were great with miles of fresh fruit and veggies mixed with some great artisans.  I couldn’t believe the market there is daily.  Man I wish we had that, I would probably go at least 3 times a week.  After shopping and a great homemade dinner from our visit to the market we hit the sack.  Day two we went to a more high end of town, which had some great shopping and a hole lot of character.  Dinner this time was the kids idea to make fancy grilled cheeses…mmmmm mmmm were they ever yummy!!!!

The BFF and I could talk for hours and our age is starting to show as our conversations tend to slow down around 11:30pm.  However I think we managed to fit all the important stuff in.  I love this woman to the sky and back or possibly more than that.  I know for a fact she doesn’t see how strong and beautiful she, and no matter what shit the world decides to pile on top of her nothing can keep this amazing person down.  She inspires me to my core!

Tristan had a farting problem the entire time we were there!  He just couldn’t seem to stop.  The more he laughed the more he farted.  We finally had to have him go to the screen door to fart out of to prevent the house from exploding from so much gas be expelled from his tiny butt.  I started to feel bad for our hosts.  We took over their house and made it smell.  They did manage to get us back before we left.  My friends husband/partner wrote all over our car windows slang about farts and something about our car being a fart mobile.

Even though the kids and I were having a great time I couldn’t stop thinking of my husband.  We do everything together all of the time, so when we are apart at all…well it feels like we are missing a limb.  4 days was a long time for us to be apart.  Normally I would agree with the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder but I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more fond of my husband.  He gave me everything in this world that makes me happy.  I guess I should give my parents some credit in the happiness department as well!!!  They gave me lots to be grateful for as well but you get my drift!

Hopefully there will be more road trips!





When life hands you lemons….just suck em and laugh!

This past weekend brought Tristan, Matt and I up to Bala Ontario for a Roots Wakeboard contest at What Wake Park.
On the way up we were so stoked to be heading up north to breath in that fresh air, dive into that clean water, have a camp fire and watch some wakeboarding!

After an almost 4 hour drive we found what was called a campground……which actually was an over crowded trailer park.  We had made a reservation and the folks who owned it were expecting us but decided to give our campsite away.  So in an attempt to keep us and our cash they set us up on their front lawn.  Kinda weird, no fire pit no picnic table and was on swampy wet ground.  Seeing that there wasn’t really any other options we pitched our tent and hit the town for dinner.  After dinner we came back to our “site” and piled all of our gear into the tent.  We were a lil bummed that the site really blew and we weren’t able to have a bonfire but Matt turned our moods around by suggesting that we go for a swim.  I was the first one in , then Tristan, then our dog Nixon, and then Matt took his time…..the water was cold and he may have been concerned about his balls hitting the chilly water and retreating to the inside of his body never to be seen again.  Finally he took the plunge and we were all smiling and laughing and watching little Nixon swim like a champ.

Shortly after our swim we decided it was time to get cuddly and warm up under the blankets.  Within minutes Tristan and I could hear Matt’s weird breathing thing that he does when he sleeps.  Just as I was about to fall asleep the sound of pellets hitting the tent started…..then the tent lit up with a flash of lightening followed by a big bang of rolling thunder……the rain came down like knives hitting the tent slicing through that thin layer of material that separated us from nature.  Our tent was leaking like the Titanic before it sank.  There we sat in the corner of our tent at 11pm deciding if we go down with the ship or ditch it and make a run for the car.  We ditched it and ran with our blankets, clothes, pillows and the dog to the lil VW.  We all sat in the car watching the storm happy that we had a dry place to sleep.  Funny how we really weren’t that bothered by any of what had happened….the shitty site, the leaking tent and 3 of us and a dog sleeping in a small car.  We laughed it off thinking it could be worse then fell asleep.

Tristan woke up with a sore neck but said that he had a pretty good sleep and was stoked and ready to wakeboard.  Tristan had a pretty flawless run, the type of run that no matter how he placed he would have been happy with his run….the type of run that when he was done you could see nothing but shear joy all over his face. He ended up taking first place and winning a new Sandbox Helmet.  He wore that helmet all the way to webbers, wore it while he ate his veggie burger, and for the 3 hour drive home and kept asking us from hwy 401 to the 427 to the QEW if he was dreaming this whole time…..did he really win that helmet?????  He was so happy and we were so proud!

Sometimes that best memories come from the most unlikely situations!


Sucking Lemons