Cutest Couple

Hell Ya!
No work for me this weekend.
We are off to Binbrook to watch Tristan wakeboard at Boarder Pass in part of their Triple Crown contest series.

Not only do I not have to work but either does Matt, so we both get to go and watch Tristan.  I’m crazy excited!

Last time I was at Boarder Pass there was the cutest old couple I have ever seen.  They were just hanging out on lawn chairs over looking the lake, enjoying each others company.  He wore a a cute hat and she wore a sun visor.  Apparently they hang out in that spot quite a bit.  He brought a huge remote controlled air plane that takes off from the water.  With the help of his wife they unloaded it from the back of their truck and put it in the water.  Watching them work together so effortlessly was fun to see.  They must know each other pretty well after many years of loving one another.  The two made my heart melt!

With my birthday coming up pretty fast this couple reminded me how lucky I am to be growing old with the person I love!


Such A Cute Happy Couple!

Such A Cute Happy Couple!

Summer Reading

I LOVE books!
I Love Magazines!!!

I think it’s safe to say that summer has arrived.  School is almost finished, gardens have been planted, bathing suits have been bought and sunscreen has been applied!
So whats everyone reading?
As much as I love hanging out at Chapters I don’t always love looking for books to read.  I guess some days I am still unsure who I am and what I like……it happens.  To be honest I’m all over the place, I like the classics like The Great Gatsby, The romance stuff like Nora Roberts, some thriller stuff if its not predictable, and lately I have been really digging an author by the name of Jonathan Tropper.  I’m just finishing up his book called “The Book of Joe”.  I’m so glad that a facebook friend of mine was kind enough to suggest that I give Mr Tropper a try! That seems to be how I find my most favorite books and authors…through friends suggestions.

That being said I suggest you give Jonathan Tropper a go.  Far as I now he has two books, “This Is Where I Leave You” and “The Book Of Joe”.

Enjoy your summer reading and if anyone has any book suggestions for me please leave a comment!


Summer Reading

Dinner with two awesome girls!

Bonjour lil love bugs!

Tonight after work I went for dinner with two friends for some Indian food.  I was stoked to give it a 3rd try.  My first try was out in Ottawa and was super yummy my second time was at a local spot and I really did not like it.  Actually my dogs wouldn’t even eat the leftovers.

We met at one of the girls house and drove together to the falls.  I was so greatful for the ride, it was nice to all be in one car.  Chatting and laughing about the crazy people we come across throughout our days.  We all have a little crazy in us and I am no exception.

The Guru on Victoria Ave in Falls was where we ate our delicious dinners.  The dinner went by so fast and before we knew it, it was 10pm.  These two woman inspire me in so many different ways.  The one has no clue how beautiful she is inside and out, she has the best sense of humor and is such a smarty pants.  The other is a lot younger then me with a zest for life, and a passion for health.  They have taught me how to find humor in places that I never would’ve looked, that positivity, compassion and creativity is really all we need to enjoy each others company…..or the company of anyone for that matter.

The dinner was great but the company and conversation was even better.
I love these ladies!