Its My Birthday!

You know What????

Getting old is pretty awesome when you are growing old with someone you love…….and when that someone is 3 years older than you that doesn’t hurt either!
I had the most beautiful day.  Slept in until 9:30, Tristan brought me breakfast in bed which consisted of crackers with cheese, yogurt and a glass of OJ.  Then Taya, Tristan and I went shopping where I found out I went down a dress size!  If that’s not a great BDay present I don’t know what is.  After shopping the kids and I picked Matt up from work and came home to unwrap a pile a presents.  From Taya I got a great new beach towel, 2 awesome mason jar mugs, flip flops and hair stuff.  Tristan bought me a yummy cupcake and an itunes card, my crazy hot tanned husband bought me a fire bowl, chocolates, and replaced my poopy cell phone with a pretty new one!  The gift giving didn’t stop there, my parents got me a gift card to David’s Tea and a new Life Jacket.  On top of all that my mom made a great dinner for all of us, full of veggies and great pasta with alfredo sauce.  My dad and I got to watch the sailing race from their backyard.  I love that my dad has shared the gift of sailing with me!

I had the best Birthday a girl could ask for surrounded by people that love me almost as much as I love them!

Can’t wait to see what this year will bring!



I had such a great Birthday!!!

I had such a great Birthday!!!

Dinner with two awesome girls!

Bonjour lil love bugs!

Tonight after work I went for dinner with two friends for some Indian food.  I was stoked to give it a 3rd try.  My first try was out in Ottawa and was super yummy my second time was at a local spot and I really did not like it.  Actually my dogs wouldn’t even eat the leftovers.

We met at one of the girls house and drove together to the falls.  I was so greatful for the ride, it was nice to all be in one car.  Chatting and laughing about the crazy people we come across throughout our days.  We all have a little crazy in us and I am no exception.

The Guru on Victoria Ave in Falls was where we ate our delicious dinners.  The dinner went by so fast and before we knew it, it was 10pm.  These two woman inspire me in so many different ways.  The one has no clue how beautiful she is inside and out, she has the best sense of humor and is such a smarty pants.  The other is a lot younger then me with a zest for life, and a passion for health.  They have taught me how to find humor in places that I never would’ve looked, that positivity, compassion and creativity is really all we need to enjoy each others company…..or the company of anyone for that matter.

The dinner was great but the company and conversation was even better.
I love these ladies!


Date Night Great Night

ToastandhoneyIts not very often that my husband and I get the chance to go out for a date night, but last night we did.  I was craving some alone time with Matt (my hubby) so off we went to our favorite vegan restaurant  “Rise Above”.   We had to wait for a table which was totally fine cause the food is really worth the wait and the vibe was such a happy one.  We started with a yummy kale ceasar salad that we shared, I had mac’n cheese and he had a vegan version of shepards  pie.  We both finished our dinner with one of their fantastic donuts.

I have a thing for books and tea so many trips to St.Catharines end up at Chapters and last night was no exception.  Matt surprised me with a book I wanted to buy but had on my Ipad already……so I would never have bought it if Matt hadn’t bought it for me.  The book is Eat Pretty written by Jolene Hart.  I was looking at magazines cause I also have a thing for them while he found the book and bought it for me.  Now some would say I am emotional but I say they are 100% right.  When Matt gave me the book I cried it was so thoughtful and kind!

It might be worth mentioning that my hubby just started driving for the first time in his life and this was our first date where he was able to take me somewhere!

Maybe we should have more nights like these…..