We’re in it together…all In!!!!

Its your neighbor, it’s your friend, your mother, your teacher, the crossing guard, the waitress at your fav greasy spoon, your friends friend, its the person you smile at when passing on the sidewalk, it could be you!  In this case its my sons fellow classmate, friend, and teammate.  Only its not just him.  Its his entire family who is your friend, your neighbor, your teacher, you best friend, your university study buddy and the cute guy that you wish had a locker beside you at the local high school.  You see the Schonewille’s are in this together.  It is not up to just one of them to beat cancer but all of them….for that matter all of us!

Cancer is this horrible thing that somehow brings out the best in us.  It turns a store owner into an angel for jumping into action to help a friend without having to think about it for even a second.  It makes the janitor at McMaster a smile maker by using his magic to entertain.  It makes the friend you haven’t spoken to in while know that you are still there whenever you need them.  The mom becomes the healer but really hasn’t she always been!  Only this time its different because she is also the soldier who will  stand beside you through it all, and it is impossible to let her down because she loves you!  It turns a shaved head into a badge of honor.  It brings courage when you thought you had none left.

Two days ago the kids of Steele Street School came together and stood in support of their friend.  20 kids shaved their heads but all of the kids became an active member in Isaac’s Army and by doing so they have brought an entire community to the fight.  My guess is that Cancer has never regretted messing with such a strong army of people.  Its not just on one person, its on all of us.  No one stands alone here!

Really cancer didn’t bring the community together the Schonewille’s did because they are your, friends, your teacher, your neighbor, the person in line beside you at the grocery store, your team mate that passes the puck to you in hockey, the cute guy that has class with you and the pretty blond walking across campus.

If you are feeling inclined please click the link to make a donation to Isaac’s Army.  Just know that positive thoughts, and smiles will also get you into the army!

I believe that Isaac’s Army bracelets can still be bought at Grants on West Street, Port Colborne for $2.00

I am so proud to be a part of such a great community!


Isaac's Army!