Hello Summer!

Happy Meatless Monday!

It looks like summer may have finally arrived!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend some time with their amazing Dads!
Our family had a great day with our Dads and Grandpa’s! We chilled out on the boat and had a great dinner at my parents house over looking Lake Erie!  It was such a great day…the sun was out and the top on the VW was down!!!

Tristan and I took Matt to great little shop called Pick’n Sisters.  They have some really cool antiques and retro pieces.  Matt found a set of funky 70’s coffee tables that we bought him for fathers day.  He plans on putting them in his man cave…..aka the basement…aka the Band Room!

I’ve posted a link to a short story about a cow begging for its life before being slaughtered.  Thought it was appropriate since it is Meatless Monday.  Tonight for dinner we had rice and cheese quesadillas.


Click here for the story


Save A Cow Eat Veggies!



Under the Weather and working weekends

Hey luv bugs!
So I have had this killer cold for about 3 days now.  I totally refuse to let it get the best of me.  On top of it all I also had to work all weekend.  The sun was shining, people were wearing t-shirts, while I was at work.  Poop!
Work and being under the weather didn’t stop Matt and I from enjoying our weekend.

One Saturday we went garage sailing and bout a pretty cool dining table and 6 chairs for $110.00.  Totally in love with this thing!!  I also scored 2 boxes filled with old mason jars for $4.00, and a bag full of funky vintage sunglasses for $0.50!!!  The new dining table meant that Matt had to move his drums out of my studio/dining room so the table could have a home.  Yippie!!! Today before I had to run off to work Matt and I started working on my boat….I say my boat because Matt doesn’t really like boating.  It felt like the cleaner the boat got the closer summer was to actually starting.   We finished the weekend by having my parents over for dinner to try out the new table.  I made yummy pasta with zucchini using my new spiral grinder, and for deserts strawberry shortcake.

Taya spent her weekend working as a lifeguard and hanging out with an old friend.  Tristan hung with friends and did some skateboarding…….and finished all of his homework.


Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Here’s a photo of the table and chairs before they made their way to our dining room.  Not a great shot I’ll post another one later.




Garage Sale treasure!!!

Garage Sale treasure!!!