The stars aligned

So my husband thought I was totally fucked up for wanting to spend the day alone at a conservation park.  He thought it was so weird.  Our discussion the night before I had planned to go almost made me change my mind.  I woke up the next day and the sun was shining the air was fresh and clean.  How could I not go???  I totally didn’t see anything weird about spending the day alone being one with nature.  My car was packed with a tent…just in case it rained, a few blankets, some pillows, the pup and some treats and water for him, some wood for a bonfire, a good book, and a lil cooler with a yummy salad and other goodies.  What else could I possibly need??

I needed nothing else.  Nixon my pup and I found the perfect spot.  An area lined with trees for the tent, a beautiful spot in a carved out nook in the woods and a clearing where the fire pit would later beg me to warm up once the sun began to make its decent.

The tent was pitched and the blankets and pillows were laid out.  The picnic table held my book and some art stuff I brought to work on.  Nixon and I took off for a walk to check out our surroundings.  Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe my view.  Being alone heightened my senses.  I could smell the pine trees, hear the wind make its way through the leaves and around the trees.  I could see a blue heron trying to hide among the brush that outlined a pond.  Nixon enjoyed his new found freedom of walking without a leash.  He seemed to walk with pride. Hahaha!!!  Within an hour of my being at the park my face softened, my mind cleared, and my shoulders felt lighter.  I wasn’t concerned with paying bills, dealing with laundry or organizing Thanksgiving dinner.  A smile was on my face the entire time I was there.

I figured that I should share this with the hubs.  He really needed to know why I needed to be there and why I enjoyed it so much.  I sent him off a text asking him to join me and to bring dinner and to try and get our son Tristan to come along.  I couldn’t convince Tristan, but Matt was totally up for it.  After he finished work he grabbed a pizza and joined me for supper.  My salad was yummers for lunch but I was super happy to have pizza for supper.  Before we ate we walked around for a bit and then he had a little nap in the tent while I finished the book I was reading.  When he woke up we sat in the ten looking out the lil door in total awe of our surroundings.  The pizza was gobbled up and we decided to chill in the tent for a while longer.  We couldn’t spend the night because Matt had to be at work the next day so we soaked up as much enjoyment as we could from our slice of heaven.

The sun began to set and we watched the colours of the sun set hit the tress warning us that it would be getting dark soon.  Climbing outta the tent and after packing it up we started building our campfire.  With the sun going down it was getting chilly but Matt knows how to build a good fire!!!   Just before the sun said a final goodbye we saw 2 flocks of geese fly over head.  They all seemed to be talking at once and I asked Matt how they could possibly understanding anything if they were all talking at once.  He seemed to think that they were yelling words of encouragement…like…”we’re almost there”, and “you can make it”.  I loved that idea!!!

When we were surrounded by total darkness we laid down beside the fire and did some star gazing.  I have never felt so lucky in all my life.  The only thing that could have had this time even better would have been to have the kids with us.  I had everything I needed.  Which turns out not to be much.  Fresh air, nature, and a good bonfire all while wrapped in my husbands arms!  Matt now understood why I was drawn to this place.  It was one of the best nights we have ever had together.

Hope everyone makes time to enjoy moments like these as these will be the moments that you’ll remember!





Massey Hall

Weeks ago Matt and I were in the grocery store when a lady with a big smile walked up to us.  She asked Matt if he remembered who she was.  Matt replied “Yes!  You’re Tony’s Mom!”  Our friend Tony Dekker is “Great Lake Swimmers” along with his very talented band mates.  Tony’s mom had asked us if we would like to join their family to go see Great Lake Swimmers at Massey Hall.  Seeing Tony’s moms face light up with pride as she gave us the details about the show gave me goose bumps.  Of course we said YES!!!!!  Hearing anything about Tony always brings a smile to our faces.  We don’t get to see or talk to him often but still feel very much connected to him.

Last night was finally the night.  We were all so excited to go to Massey Hall.  Massey Hall!!!  Our friend is playing at Massey Hall……we were pooping our pants I can’t imagine how Tony and his family were feeling.  It’s a huge honor to play that venue.  If seeing The Great Lake Swimmers wasn’t enough I also got to see another friend open up for them.  Amy Cole and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Amy and the band killed it.  The venue is a seated event but The RAA was totally meant to listen to standing up.  The driving drums, the rhythm of the guitar, and Amy’s back up vocals all come together like nature had intended it that way.  Seeing her up on that stage all I could feel was pride.  Tristan kept trying to keep up with the drummer while he was air drumming in his seat.  I think Taya wanted to get out of her seat and dance.

Great Lake Swimmers took to the stage like seasoned pros without any of the cockiness.  The second all of their instruments came together was the second my jaw hit the floor.  Each note was bathed in beauty.  The band as a whole fits together like puzzle.  If one piece was to get lost the puzzle wouldn’t be a puzzle at all.  They all brought something so valid to each song.  Tony, a soft spoken, smart, hansom, modest and sometimes shy man stood so well in the center of the stage at Massey Hall.  Small town Tony is big time talented!  It was so cool to see strangers enjoying his music.  To see his dad beam with pride in the aisle as we patiently waited for him to take stage, to hear his fans clap so loud after every song,  and to hear his sister Carolyn say that she was able to skype their other sister in Japan so that she could hear her brothers entire show was almost as great as hearing Tony’s music at Massey Hall.  I bet one day years from now some 20 or 30 something will be standing on stage thinking to himself this is where Tony Dekker stood oh my gosh!  I think that it is so amazing that Tony is putting his mark on the world and will have a legacy.  Not everyone can say that!

As we were driving home Taya said, “I haven’t listened to Great Lake Swimmer’s in a while but I think Tony just changed how I think about music.”
Thank you so much to the Dekker’s for including us.  You have such a beautiful family that both Matt and I admire very much.

Such a great night!
Congrats to both of our friends from lil ol Port Colborne for taking on Massey Hall last night!


Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage

Great Lake Swimmers and The Rural Alberta Advantage

Prom 2014

Luv bugs!!!!
Yesterday was my Nieces prom!
I was so stoked when she asked me to take photos of her in her dress.
Seeing her in her beautiful prom dress with her hair done in curls, and her makeup that just excuentuated her already pretty face I couldn’t help thinking about my prom….that I went to with my husband!  That night felt like the world was ours for the taking.  I’m sure that feeling hasn’t changed much over the years.

Shauni I hope you had a great night that you will remember until you are an old lady like your aunt Leslie.  Love you lots kiddo!


Happy Prom Shauni!

Happy Prom Shauni!

Strong, beautiful, inspiring woman….check out what Taryn Brumfitt has to say!

Luv Bugs!
My google analytics doesn’t show me if males or females are reading my blog but if  I had to guess most of my readers would be women.  While this may be geared a little more for the ladies, I think its also good for the guys as well!

We have all struggled with body image issues at some point or another.  Whats the first word that comes to mind when you think about your body, I bet it is not a positive word.  Sometimes I can’t even get to the word before tears start to form in my eyes.  I know I’m not alone, and really its not something I think about until I go shopping, or have to dress up, or until I see a photo of myself and think is that really what I look like?

This woman is trying to create change and I think she is a positively beautiful woman inside and out!

Please check Taryn out at

This is the kind of stuff that warms your heart.


B4 and After Taryn Brumfitt