Where the wind blows is where you’ll find us!!!!!

I’m long over due to write a post.  When summer comes to end I get this weird feeling like I am totally lost.  The sailboat is out of the water, wakeboarding is coming to an end, and my shorts have been put away.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving with our family.  Matt and I hosted this years meal and while I totally love having our house filled with family I can’t seem to let go of summer.  I’ve actually started worrying about what to write on my blog during the winter…..I don’t embrace winter in the same way that I do summer….so I’m worried that I wont have anything to say.  However all this over thinking reminded of of the last time Matt and I took out the Chubby Bean for a sail before taking it out for the season.

Matt and I packed up a picnic and headed down to the Marina.  The wind was pretty strong and Matt’s not much of a sailor but he tries because he loves me.  We got the sails all ready started the motor and let the dock lines go and we slipped out of the dock.  As we were passing by the mill and heading out to the lighthouse I decided that it was too windy for us to have a relaxed sail.  So we decided to set our anchor and have our picnic on the inside of the break wall where we were more protected and could enjoy our lunch.  Matt set the anchor……only it didn’t set.  He tried to set it again…only it didn’t set.  I tried to start motor…only it wouldn’t start.  Matt and I switched places, I pulled up the anchor and found that it was covered in seaweeds no way would it ever catch like that.  Matt kept trying the motor but it just wouldn’t go.  As I mentioned it was pretty windy.  Before we knew it we were drifting into the shipping lanes of the canal.  Not to sound dramatic but if we didn’t do something quickly we would be blown into the rocks lining the canal entrance.  I decided it was time to give up on the motor.  We had drifted to an area that was to deep for our anchor to reach.  At this point Matt is beginning to panic and my heart was starting to pick up the pace as well.  I kept thinking about what station I would need to be on the radio to call for help…how long it would take for help to come….how long it would take for us to bang into the rocks or cross the path of a ship.  Then I looked up and saw a lil fishing boat.  I gave them a quick wave thinking that they may have noticed that we were in trouble.  The man on the fishing boat walked to the bow of his boat and began to pull up his anchor.  This is when Matt got freaked out and yelled “Thats it!!!  He’s going to head in and leave us here! Oh Shit!!!”

Well Matt was wrong the fishing boat came to our rescue and towed us to safety…..which happened to be the docks along the canal on West Street.  In return for their help we handed over our chocolate chip cookies from our picnic and they head back out to catch some fish.  This man and his grandson helped us no questions asked and with a smile on their faces.  They didn’t ask for anything in return and they will probably never fully understand how grateful we were that they were there to help.

During the craziness I couldn’t help but think that this nice day we had planned was quickly turning to shit, that Matt who isn’t a big fan of the boat may never want to step foot on it again.  However after our rescuers left us at the public docks Matt and I pulled out our picnic.  We sat on the boat sipping our lemonade and munching on veggies and biting into our sandwiches while watching ships crawl under the bridges and slip silently through the canal.  My mom ended up seeing us parked at the dock and joined us for lunch.  This day That I thought was going to be awesome then thought was turning to shit actually turned out to be awesome.  I’ve always known that whatever the world throws at Matt and I we will be fine.  After we ate our lunch and said goodbye to my Mom we tried the motor and it started.  Matt and I headed back to the Marina with full bellies and a huge smiles on our faces.  We passed the mill waving at the guys working and feeling very small next to the huge building all while laughing at the adventure we just had aboard the Chubby Bean!

No Matter where the wind may take us, we are just going to go with it.  We have each other and really what more than that do we need?



Lemons to Lemonade

Lemons to Lemonade



Ahhhh Rainy Day Sundays…….is there anything better?

Ok sometimes I really love my life.  Today is one of those days!
Late last night after having dinner at my parents and an awsome bon fire over looking the lake……Matt and I walked to the Marina and slept on our lil sail boat.
We were gently rocked to sleep by the wind and very small waves.  The hatch was open allowing the the wind to wrap around us as we slept, breathing in such fresh air.  Matt and I were waken when it started raining. The rain started as a light drizzle giving us time to batten the hatches before falling drifting back to sleep.  Our two dogs cuddled into our legs until it was time to walk home.

The walk home was a wet one.  I had thought we should call my parents and ask for a ride home from the marina, but Matt said he didn’t mind walking in the rain.  So we began our walk home in the rain.  It was as if our smiles grew the more the rain came down.  We hopped over puddles and talked about getting home and drying off.

Matt and I have been talking about making some really big changes in our life.  We own a large home that we have redone, that has an average mortgage, bills, and property taxes..blah blah blah.  Our daughter Taya will be moving out next fall to go away to school and we have been asking ourselves do we really need this house any more?  Is it really what we want?  Don’t get me wrong we love this house!  Its a great house!  Matt and I thought we needed this…….to be happy?  Maybe?  To keep up with the Jones?  I don’t know…I don’t think so?  Cause we thought the kids would be happy here?  Probably!  Cause is had a barn for Tristan’s mini ramp?  Yup!  Cause it’s in a great location to everything in town?  Totally!  What Matt and I have come to realize is we don’t need much to be happy.  Not much at all!

We currently have $122.00 in our bank account and $25.00 between our wallets until we get paid again on Thursday.  Keep in mind we still need to buy groceries for the week……now if you were thinking $120.00 wasn’t too bad think again!  Despite this we don’t give a rats ass.  Cause walking home in the rain with the dogs made our day.  Cause the $2.00 cinnamon buns at Bremfields are the best things ever, and because we have our family what the hell else do we need?  Thats right nothing!  Funny it has taken us well into our 30’s to figure this out.  We just wanna live life together and simply!

So here’s to rainy days and the things that matter most!



Not a great photo but a great guy!

Not a great photo but a great guy!

Don’t Worry About My Bike Its The Least Of Our Problems……….

So my bike was stolen last week.

My husband couldn’t understand why I wasn’t pissed off……It was a really super cute bike that he knew I was in love with.
Our garage has been broken into 3 times before my bike was stolen, with this break in it brought the total to 4!  Whomever was breaking into our garage had broken locks with a shovel and pry bars that were starting to destroy our garage, Matt and I decided that it was best just to leave it wide open for the Summer.  Nothing in there was worth more then our garage doors.
To be fair I was upset….not surprised but upset.  Actually I was sad if I’m going to be 100% honest.  On one hand it really bothers me to think that someone thought is was OK to take something that wasn’t theirs, on the other hand I tried to understand why someone would take it.

The day before my bike was taken I read a post about our water bill going up 26% to cover maintenance/repairs that need to be done on the city’s water pipes.  Matt and I both work and make more then minimum wage but we still find ourselves struggling from time to time….more so in the winter when more hydro and gas are being used.  That being said it wont be easy for me to replace my bike but I can’t imagine how tough life might be for the person who took my bike.  I know, I know there is still right from wrong.

While I was at work a customer over heard me talking about my bike or lack of bike.  This woman had seen my bike parked in front of where I work and knew exactly what my bike looked like.  She said she had seen a man with long hair with it on the East Side of Port Colborne at the Port Cares Food Bank.  I told Matt when I got home that my bike had been spotted and off we went to hunt it down.  I haven’t driven around the East Side in a long time but I have to say its like entering a different world.  I’m talking about what many refer to as “Lidsville”.  There is this very clear line the moment you cross the bridge from the West to the East and make a right at the 1st light.  The line is the “Haves” and the “Have Not’s”.  As we drove past the food bank that I am fortunate enough of a person to have never needed to go to, my heart sank.  I thought to myself what the Hell are we doing???  There is no freaking way that I am going to ask for my bike back while someone is waiting in line for food.

While I loved my bike I can really only hope that the person who took it needed it more then I did.  I realize this might sound like bullshit but I truly believe that my bike being stolen was just a product of our society.  We don’t respect the animals that some of us choose to eat, we don’t give a damn about our environment unless it’s making us money, how the fuck can we be surprised when we stop respecting one another!   Damn the guy who stole my bike for reminding me that I can’t only worry about myself and my family, but I should be concerned about the welfare of all humanity.  Kinda ties in with a past post about ripples!

Shit that’s a lot to take in!


My Pretty Bike With My Cute Puppy

My Pretty Bike With My Cute Puppy

The Awesomeness Of Girls

First off let me start by saying that I LOVE being a GIRL!
I dislike when people say you throw “like a girl”….what does that even mean?……or shes not bad “for a girl”
All of us girls from time to time forget how awesome we really are.  How capable we are.

This past Friday I hung out with the best group of girls I have ever had the opportunity to hang out with.  Fearless Female Fridays hosted by Amanda Newhouse has such a great vibe.  While I was new to the group I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  What I got into was an awesome group of girls who kick ass at wakeboarding.  A group of girls that supported each other, that encouraged each other, that cheered for one another and that made everyone feel welcome.   This was my 2nd time trying wakeboarding and I have to say I am hooked.  If my body would let me I would go more often.

After having kids I of course put my family’s needs ahead of my own…..as most women do!  I stopped setting time aside for myself and slowly started losing pieces of myself without ever really noticing.  If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn’t change a thing!  No one asked me to stop caring about myself I just slowly did all on my own.  What wakeboarding has done for me in the two times I have gone out is helped me to find my way back to who I am.  I am so ready for this…….my kids are getting older and I have such an amazing supportive husband and I am in a perfect place to start putting my needs as a priority.  If that cable park existed when I was a teenager I would never have hesitated and my body would have been way more co-operative.  Over the years I have gained a gross amount of weight and I have let that weight gain stop me from doing to many things and that ended with wakeboarding.  I no longer care if I am the biggest, cause I wont be the biggest for ever if I just keeping trying to be active, and I am tired of watching from the sidelines while everyone else has fun.  I was my own worst enemy!

So last Friday I really had no problem getting up on the wakeboard, my corners are getting so much better that I am actually making a few of them and I did a sitting dock start for the first time.  I felt like I was the shit!  The Fearless Female girls cheering and making me feel included didn’t hurt either.  All the girls are at different levels and some would think that would make for a competitive environment but they would be wrong I think that is what actually bonds these girls together…..even though they may only see each other once a week.

After we all had a run on the cable at Boarder Pass we headed to Don Cherry’s for a beer, some food, and lots of chit chat!  I think these girls are so amazing, they are all stronger then they realize, they are tuff as nails and they have inspired me!

Girls Rule The World we just sometimes forget it!


Fearless Females Photo borrowed from Fearless Female’s FB page.  Click the photo to visit their FB page!