Baby Steps

Luv Bugs!

Making small changes is better then doing nothing right?
Like choosing organic options, or walking to work instead of driving, using a reusable cup/mug rather than paper, or even recycling.  I think that not everyone is capable of making huge changes to make our world a better place but I do believe that we all need to start somewhere.

My post about Marineland brought up some discussion on my facebook and it just got me thinking.  Thinking that we need to take steps no matter how big or small to contribute in making our world a better place to live in.  The word tolerance was put into the mix because I had suggested that those who intend on supporting Marineland should remove me as a friend.  I feel like I have been tolerant and maybe that is part of the problem.  We all tolerate things…things that we know need to change.  So how do we begin to create change if we tolerate everything?  At some point we say enough is enough.  We buy the reusable mug, we buy local food, we choose not to buy tickets to Marineland, we choose not to eat meat, we choose to recycle.  We teach our children that it’s never to late to make change, and that it doesn’t matter how big or small of a step we take it’s just about taking the step and backing it up with another and another.

Baby steps applies to everything in life not just making the world a better place but bettering ourselves.

Hope everyone had a great May long weekend!


Baby steps





Ahhhhhh The Weekend starts early

Morning Luv bugs!
I’m so stoked I have the next 3 entire days off in a row.
I really can’t wait to get this weekend started.  Not only do I get to visit with a great friend of mine, but I get to see my son skateboard and shop with my daughter and husband.  We are going to the St. Lawrence Market, and starting everything off at the Handmade Market at the 13th Street Winery.  Its really not possible for this weekend to get any better.
The one thing I am most excited for is to be able to spend an entire weekend with my family.  It may be Mothers Day this weekend but without everyone in my family I wouldn’t have become a mom.  I’m crazy in love with my family!

Enjoy your families this weekend and remember its the lil things that count the most!

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