I feel Good!!!!

When the leaves start to fall I start feeling like its time to hibernate.  While the sounds of chilling out on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket eating a big bowl of chili sound pretty amazing, after a week of that I’m bored!  So I took matters into my own hands.  I once again joined the gym.  My body is thanking me and my mood is always better after I have hit the gym.

Getting me to the gym on the other hand isn’t always easy.  Just like most of us I worry about how I look in my gym clothes, I think about how tired I am, and the laundry that needs to be folded and dinner that won’t make itself.  Even when I’m on a cardio machine I think to myself….this is so freaking boring I would much rather be wakeboarding.  That’s it, my motivation.  I want to be a better wakeboarder.  I have a goal!  To reach that goal I have to get active.  Now I have said this in the past and haven’t stuck with it.  This time could be no different but what the hell do I have to lose?  Oh yeah that 2nd chin I started growing….that’s what I have to loose!!

Wakeboarding is where I found inspiration to get started, however I am now realizing how I feel after my workout.  My energy is way up, my anxiety is way down, and I eat much healthier on the days that I go to the gym.  My inspiration has totally changed but still includes wakeboarding….I just want to be a happier and healthier person.  Will I fuck up along the way…no doubt!  I ate a bowl of chips in bed at 10pm last night but I felt bad while doing it!  Its all adjusting, so clearly I’m still working out the kinks!

Photography is also another motivator.  I want and need more energy to do all the things that I love to do with the people I love.  In some ways I feel like I am breathing new air.  I’ve lined up more photography jobs in the past month than I have in the past 6 months.  I had a logo made and I’m starting to work on a new website for my photography.  My heart feels happier, taking steps to feel better and to put more effort into the things I absolutely love to do.  That being said feel free to visit my Facebook Page and check out my photography…..can’t wait till the new site is up and running!  Book a session, say cheese and capture some memories!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Toast and Honeygym

For Sail?

Once again it has been way to long since I last posted anything.  I hate winter!  What can I say.  Motivation when its cold and dark more than not just doesn’t exist.  My windows are now open, the birds and bees are doing their thing and my baby girl is just weeks from graduating high school.  I am now awake!

Spring not only brings warmer air, and BBQ’s out of the garage but it also breeds new life.  Flowers begin to bloom, the dead lawn starts to show signs of life and tadpoles start turning into frogs.  Well this girl is ready for new things.  I think????

I’ve decided to let go of a few things that I totally love.  For starters my husband and I are selling our old VW Cabriolet convertible.  I didn’t realize how greedy I could actually be.  I’m actually disgusted to say that I drove off two buyers for the car.  I couldn’t figure out why I was doing this.  Didn’t I want to sell it???  Yes, yes I did.  Just didn’t want anyone else to have it.  See I’m gross!  When did I ever start thinking this way?  When I actually realized just how crazy I was acting most potential buyers found other cars and I had a hard time looking into the mirror.  Who had I become….. a person that didn’t want others to have what I had.  Eww just gross.  So I’m over that now having given my head a good shake!  With a somewhat clear head I announced to my husband Matt that I want to sell my boat.  I have to explain that while Matt and I share everything, we do not share the love I have for the water and sailing.  That being said the boat is mine but ours….you know what I mean?

Matt was totally shocked that I was going to sell the boat.  It’s time for new adventures that both Matt and I can enjoy together along with the kids.  The boat feels way different than the car.  It defines a part of who I am….or so I think/thought?  Living pretty much pay cheque to pay cheque I never thought that we could own a boat.  I have always felt so lucky for having it.  Sitting on the boat in the middle of the lake just melts all cares away.  Its a place where my anxiety doesn’t have a home.  While I’m out there I can breath and I mean really breath.  I love it all.  The fresh air, the sails flapping, the feel of the tiller in my hand and the ever so quite hum the boats makes when the boat and I find our groove in the wind.  So I asked my self can a possession actually define who you are.  Well the answer was no.  So I am trying to find my most favorite possession a new home where it will give someone else the pure joy it gave me for the past 8 years.

Its funny I’m turning 37 this year and I’m still figuring out who I am and what kind of person I want to be.

Have a great day lil love bugs!



Living in the sun and water!

Living in the sun and water!

…….and there’s nobody here but you my dear

Just over a week ago while I was waking up from an awesome sleep, Matt turned to me with his sleepy eyes and asked if I would be in a music video with him.  First things first I love to bust a move.  I’m not an awesome dancer but I like to dance.  The video was being shoot in Toronto for one of Matt’s favorite bands “Belle and Sebastian”.  Matt was so excited that he was chosen to go and film.  I on the other hand had to work on one of the 2 days that they would be filming so I didn’t apply for the video.  As it was looking Matt would have to do this on his own.

My Matt doesn’t like to dance but loves music.  Music is totally a part of who he is.  If you know Matt and I, you know that we do pretty much everything together.  Being that I had to to work on Saturday which was the first day of the shoot Matt would be on his own.  This would be his first time driving to Toronto and dancing without me.  I thought that it was so awesome that he had the courage to just go for it.  It didn’t happen without some gentle pushing but he did it.  After shooting for 9 hours and driving for 4 hours he made it home.  All happy and excited and wishing that I would join him for the second day of shooting.

It didn’t take much to convince me to join him.  The thought of spending a day dancing with my husband sounded perfect.  Then I remembered that there would be cameras….I like to be behind the camera not a big fan of being in front of it.  So I was a little freaked out…..until they yelled “PLAY BACK!”  That’s when the music would start.  It instantly changed everyone’s mood on set.  It was when the work ended and the fun began only the fun was really the work.  I danced and laughed with my husband for 9 hours that day.  He looked at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the room.  We danced, we drank beer from empty bottles and we laughed.  We got to be a part of something.  We got to make friends with people that otherwise would have been strangers.  The one thing the entire group of us had in common was the love of music and the willingness to just let loose, to just be in the moment even when the moment only lasted 30 sec and had to be done over and over.

Once it was all over the room went dark and still there was no more “play back” we all left the shoot going in different directions but knowing that we all, now, having something in common.  That one Day where we danced like it was our own private dance party with the best strangers ever!!  We gave it everything cause we didn’t know when we would hear that song again.

Such a great memory day!



One of the cameras they were shooting with

One of the cameras they were shooting with


Hello Summer!

Happy Meatless Monday!

It looks like summer may have finally arrived!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to spend some time with their amazing Dads!
Our family had a great day with our Dads and Grandpa’s! We chilled out on the boat and had a great dinner at my parents house over looking Lake Erie!  It was such a great day…the sun was out and the top on the VW was down!!!

Tristan and I took Matt to great little shop called Pick’n Sisters.  They have some really cool antiques and retro pieces.  Matt found a set of funky 70’s coffee tables that we bought him for fathers day.  He plans on putting them in his man cave…..aka the basement…aka the Band Room!

I’ve posted a link to a short story about a cow begging for its life before being slaughtered.  Thought it was appropriate since it is Meatless Monday.  Tonight for dinner we had rice and cheese quesadillas.


Click here for the story


Save A Cow Eat Veggies!