Up In Smoke!

Taya had just left for university and Matt and I were feeling motivated to work on our Boler.  Its such a slow moving process for us.  Being that it’s the end of camping season and we have lost most of our steam to get this restoration done.  So when we feel motivated we jump outta bed together and get to work.  Sometimes its hard to find a place to start.  Luckily for us we started with taking everything out of the Boler.  Before we start painting the inside we needed to think about lighting/electrical as well as making sure our stove and lil heater worked.  I’m guessing you can see where this is going at this point.

We turned the propane on and lit the stove.  Yahooooo it works!!!  Turned off the stove.  Moved on to the heater.  Had a hard time getting the knob to move from pilot to ignite.  Matt had his face nice and close to see what was going.  Everything looked ok.  The knob finally turned and the propane heater ignited.  Yahooooo it works!  Happy dance!!!  We can camp when its cold outside!  Lil Boler you kick ass.

BOOM!!!  The thing just blew up.  Matt lost some arm hair before he was able to get away from the flames, he had lots to spare so that wasn’t the end of the world.  We couldn’t get the fire out.  Shut off the propane, still going, scrambled for the hose now the entire lil egg shell of our Boler has disappeared and is totally engulfed by black smoke.  Our hearts are breaking into pieces as Matt tells me to call 911.

The Port Colborne police and fire department showed up so fast.  They did their thing and the fire was put out.  Thankfully there was very little damage but its still a set back.  Our brand new cushions we had made were sitting safely in my parents spare room and didn’t catch on fire.  Phew!!!  Needless to say we ripped out the lil furnace and both agreed we would find better ways of keeping warm.

Hoping that this setback just makes the end result that much sweeter.  I’m so lucky to have such an amazing husband to make memories with!



ohhhh nuts!





18 years in the making.  Knowing that this day would come didn’t help.  All of Taya’s laundry was done, printer was bought, computer formatted, all of her boxes were packed and her goodbyes were hugged out.  The only thing left to do was drop her off to Guelph University.

The night before we brought her to school I couldn’t sleep.  My brain wouldn’t shut off.  I kept thinking, what if I forgot something, will she have enough money?, how our house just wont be the same without her in it and another million other what if’s!  Fortunately for me Matt was on the same page.  It was a really hot night and after fighting to fall asleep and still being wide awake, Matt and I rolled outta bed.  We ran down the stairs and out the front door.  Barefoot and in our ginch.  Matt chased me around the yard with the hose.  3am in the morning in our lil town of Port Colborne we knew we had the street to ourselves!  We laughed and danced in the cold water, knowing that 18 years ago a 19 year old and 22 year old did SOMETHING right.  Our baby girl was heading to university.  The cold water ran over our skin waking us up to the fact that our family is starting a new chapter in our epic story.

Taking Taya to her dorm was one of the proudest moments of my life.  She is ready for this!  The first text I got from her after we left her at school was only three words….”This is awesome!”

After we dropped Taya off we headed to Sarnia, Tristan was in a Wakeboard comp.  Although we didn’t get to see his run we heard from everyone how he killed it taking a risk and stomping out a new trick.  He finished his season in 1st place in the Boarder Pass Triple Crown.

For a couple of nut sacks dancing in the rain we sure do have a pair of awesome kids!



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